Summer Staff

Each summer we hire a group of about 80 people to do a bunch of hard, exciting, challenging, and somehow completely wonderful jobs. We hire a lot of very different people who always find a way to come together as a huge, impressive team that sometimes seems like it can do the impossible. Each year we’re looking for musicians, tech types, artists, people great at games, counselors, leaders, and a lot more. Whether you’re a counselor who is with kids all summer, or an audio tech making things happen behind the scenes a summer at Covenant Harbor is a potentially life changing experience for our staff and every kid we serve.

Explore the tabs below for more information about specific jobs we’re trying to fill and they type of people we’re looking for. Then, fill out an application and we’ll be in touch.

Covenant Harbor is a busy place that serves a lot of people, especially during the summer. Our summer youth programs all hinge on two goals: Love Kids and Share Jesus; they’re the reason for everything we do as staff, for campers. We serve thousands of kids, each summer, from kindergarten through high school across 5 different programs: Day Camp (1st-9th), Kishwauketoe (2nd-4th), Pier 30 (4th-9th), Alpha (9th-12th), and BaseCamp (10th-13th). Summer programming at Covenant Harbor is an enormous undertaking that pays off in immeasurable ways, for staff and campers alike. Click the link below to learn more about the faith, philosophy and makeup of Covenant Harbor.     

Learn More About Who We Are

Please carefully read over the details of the job descriptions as you consider applying for summer staff. Note that all positions require staff to live on-site for the duration of the summer. Please contact us by email with any questions.

Counseling Positions

Day Camp Counseling Team: Positions Available

Counseling Team: Positions Available

Read the job descriptions for Counseling Positions

Non-Counseling Positions

Activity Team Member: Positions Available

Activity Team Member (music specialty): Positions Filled

Administrative Assistant: Position Filled

Administrative Assistant-Day Camp: Position Filled

Audio Tech:  Position Filled

Media Tech: Position Filled

Student Nurse: Positions Filled

Tech Assistant: Position Filled

Waterfront Team: Positions Available

Waterfront Team/Activity: Positions Available

Worship Leader: Positions Filled

Facilities Specialist: Positions Available

Read the job descriptions for Non-Counseling Positions

Program Positions

Program Directors: Kish and Pier 30 Filled, Other Positions Available

Assistant Program Directors: Kish and Pier 30 Filled, Other Positions Available

Activity Team Lead: Position Filled

Alpha Counselors: Positions Filled

Parent Liaison: Position Filled

Team Counselors: Women’s and Men’s Positions Filled

Waterfront Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor: Positions Filled

Read the job descriptions for Program Positions

The ministry of Covenant Harbor is dependent upon summer staff that are committed to carrying out our mission. Summer staff, in any role, have the incredibly large responsibility of being a Christ-like example to all campers. We expect summer staff to live a life that honors God at all times, not only while camp is in session. Therefore, it is necessary for all applicants to:

– Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
– Demonstrate the love of Christ in all of their words and actions
– Maintain a positive attitude throughout challenging and exhausting situations
– Abstain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or illegal drugs, regardless of personal beliefs
– Serve wherever needed, regardless of job description
– Use discernment in choice of dress, appearance and language
– Follow all guidelines listed in the Staff Handbook

-Abide by the standards of the Lifestyle Covenant

Because of the commitment summer staff make to teaching campers about Jesus, it is essential that each staff member believes:

– The Bible is God’s inspired word
– Only one true and living God exists
– Jesus Christ is God’s son, sent to earth as a sacrifice
– Salvation is by faith alone

Thank you for your interest in serving at Covenant Harbor. We look for applicants with servant hearts, positive attitudes, and willingness to cooperate in whatever capacity necessary. We need staff that are called to serve at camp and are committed to regular Christian fellowship, Bible study, and service. We desire for our staff members to have a contagious love for Jesus, a fun-loving personality, and a commitment to evangelism and discipleship. We are not looking for perfect people, but for people who are willing to be a Christ-like role model 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If this is what you’re looking for, we hope to have you on our team!

Application Instructions

– Pray

– Fill out application online (We will review your application)

– You will be directed to contact us to schedule a first interview

– Direct references to our Reference Form:

We begin interviewing in October and will make hiring decisions until all positions are filled.


Fill out the Summer Staff 2018 Application

Representatives from Covenant Harbor will be visiting the following college campuses to recruit students for summer staff:

North Park University

We’ll be on your campus on Wednesday, January 24th!

Olivet Nazarene University

We’ll be on your campus on Tuesday, November 7th!

Trinity Christian College

We’ll be on your campus on Tuesday, October 17!

Hope College

We’ll be on your campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 16th and 17th!

Don’t see your school?

Contact Kelly Elwell at (262) 248-3600 or via email.


$210/week (for most positions, see “Jobs” tab for more details)

Housing is provided on site, and meals are provided with the exception of your time off.

Time Off

Yes! You do get time off! Time off gives summer staff the opportunity to rest, explore Lake Geneva, worship at Covenant Harbor’s Summer Sunday Worship or another local church, build community with fellow staff, and/or do laundry.

Most staff have 24 hours off each week from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Time off during the week varies by position.

We do ask that summer staff commit to serve at Covenant Harbor from the listed start date to the listed end date. Exceptions may include “once in a lifetime” events like a family wedding or graduation. Each Day Camp staff member will take one week off as determined with the Youth Ministry Team.

Spiritual Development

Throughout the summer, summer staff have many opportunities to grow closer to the Lord. We hire two staff members (Men’s and Women’s Team Counselors) to develop community and coordinate daily devotions for the staff. Covenant Harbor encourages staff to find a local church or attend a Summer Sunday Worship service on grounds in the Tent. We also find that staff grow in Christ in big ways as they lean on Him in this job and in this community.


One of the best things about working at camp is the community that develops during the summer. We hire around 75 imperfect people who serve a perfect God, and we work all together to share His message with campers. It’s incredible. Together we learn, overcome challenges, and grow in our relationship with God. Community at camp truly is a rare and wonderful thing.

Professional Development

Internships: We offer many of our positions as internships and work to make sure that you are able to meet your internship objectives. In every position, we will work with you to help you learn skills and gain experience that you can directly transfer to your professional life post-camp.

Leadership Development

No matter the career you may eventually choose, camp can help equip you for it. Through summer staff training and hands-on experience, you learn how to do so many things very well. When you challenge yourself to try new things like facilitating an adventure activity, comforting homesick campers or teaching campers a new skill, you can’t help but become a better leader.


North Park University Camp Grant for current NPU Students: North Park University (NPU) offers $500 (towards their tuition, $250/semester) to students who attend NPU and return the next school year after working at a Covenant camp in the summer. This Grant must be applied for in the spring semester. Contact North Park University for more information.

Sterner Scholarship Fund: The Ronald Lee Sterner Trust Fund was established by the Sterner family in 1957 in memory of their son who was adopted through Covenant Children’s Home and Family Services. To apply, download and print a Sterner Fund Application Form, then send it to the address listed. Applications will be considered within a few weeks of receipt. You can even apply before you’re officially hired, the decision will be dependent on your employment.



Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Covenant Harbor.

Because Covenant Harbor is a child care provider, we must maintain the highest standards for any people who work with our campers. Therefore, it is necessary for all summer program volunteers to go through an application process and be trained in the areas in which they will serve.

Volunteers in summer programs must be former summer staff (or occasionally former Alpha campers) who have been through our training program.

Former staff wanting to volunteer can contact the Youth Ministry Team and fill out a volunteer application (available Feb. 1st), complete with one reference.

Volunteers who don’t meet these criteria can see other year-round Volunteer Opportunities or contact Brad Aug.