Help sustain camping ministry by volunteering your time and talents! Learn more about how to volunteer below.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Covenant Harbor!

Volunteers have always been the “unseen” force helping us complete projects and beautify the facilities and grounds for all to enjoy. We are especially in need of volunteers to help us with summer camp and other general volunteer roles. Learn more about different ways to get involved at Covenant Harbor below.

Learn more about volunteering at camp.

Summer Camp Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to serve as a part of summer camp. Specifically, we need people to spend a week or more (Sunday afternoon till Friday afternoon) serving as a counselor or certified lifeguard. We ask that you are over the age of 17 and you will be compensated depending on your position!

Volunteer Application

All campers in summer programs are in Covenant Harbor’s legal care. Every volunteer counselor and volunteer lifeguard must complete the following application steps and be approved before arriving at camp:

 1. Complete this volunteer application 

 2. Please send this link to three references and ask them to complete the form. (Covenant Harbor alumni staff from 2019-2021 only need two references.)

Once you have submitted your volunteer application, the Youth Ministry staff will contact you to complete the remaining steps:

 3. Phone conversation with Youth Ministry staff

 4. Clear a background check

 5. Confirm date/arrival time 

General Volunteer

In addition to Covenant Harbor’s summer camp staff needs, we continue to welcome volunteer help with maintenance and grounds, guests relations, serving meals, donor relations and more.

Opportunities to serve vary in time and skill, and you can volunteer once, here and there or on a consistent or regular basis. There are volunteer opportunities for everyone including groups, students, families and adults.

If you are interested in serving as a general volunteer at camp, please complete this online form.

Volunteer Form


Your volunteer hands have been so appreciated and have helped keep camp running – and there are still more work projects to be done! We are excited to announce the next upcoming volunteer day! Join us this spring on May 4, 2024 to get camp ready for the summer.

Limited overnight housing is available and meals will be provided during the work day.  Childcare is not available.

Will you join us for a believe.love.serve. work day?