Camp Activities

Camp activities are great for all ages and provide opportunities for a variety of different experiences. Find out more below!

Waterfront Activities

At Covenant Harbor, waterfront activities play a pivotal and fun role in our experiences! Check out what you can enjoy during your time at camp.


Enjoy Covenant Harbor’s beautiful lakefront property at the Waterfront. Swim out to the rafts in the deep end or slide down the water slide into the shallow end.

Water Playground

Try our aqua jump water trampolines – bounce platforms that float on water. Each aqua jump can have six guests on it at once as they jump and slide down the inflatable sides.

Aqua Launch

This fun attachment for the water playground can bring a smile to every guest’s face. Sit on the end and take a ride or take a turn administering the launch.

Banana Boat

Ride the banana boat as a group! Towed behind a boat, the banana boat seats up to eight guests at once for a fun and exhilarating ride.

Double Tubing

Hold on tight as you are pulled bouncing and splashing behind one of Covenant Harbor’s boats. Two persons per tube and two tubes behind the boat provides an exciting experience.


Anyone can enjoy the beauty and serenity of the water as they paddle with their friends. Our trained staff will lead campers down the shoreline of beautiful Geneva Lake.

Adventure Activities

Experience Covenant Harbor from the high ropes course or swing through the woods on our giant swing!

Climbing Tower

Challenging and tall our expertly supervised climbing tower will challenge guests to push their comfort zones and experience something new. As a reward for reaching the top of our 50 foot climbing tower, guests can sail down the 300 foot zip line back to the ground.


While harnessed in, guests experience 300 feet of exhilaration as they fly through the woods from the top of our 50 foot climbing tower. This is a unique and thrilling experience unlike any other.

High Ropes

The Covenant Harbor high ropes course offers both physical and mental challenges as guests take on elements like the balance beam, leap of faith, tire swings and the dangling duo.

Low Ropes

Guests will attempt a series of obstacles and team building activities. These low ropes elements are laid out throughout the woods on Covenant Harbor's grounds.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Designed for several climbers at once, our indoor climbing wall is a great chance for guests of all ages to try climbing, even if it is raining!

Giant Swing

This thrill ride is just outside the Jackson Family Activity Center and allows two persons at a time to be pulled up as high as they prefer before swinging out past the tree branches.

Outdoor Activities

Get outside and experience all the outside activities available at camp!

Mountain Boards

Ride down our hill into the green grass of the big field and feel the wind in your hair. Mountain boards (similar to skateboards only larger and built for grass and dirt) are a fun challenge for any age.


Covenant Harbor’s archery range is nestled among the trees surrounding the big field. Trained staff instructors will guide you on the proper use of bow and arrows so you can take turns popping balloons and hitting targets.


Slides, swings, balance beam and other obstacles make up the playground on Covenant Harbor’s front lawn. This playground is available during free time and any hang out times. A second playground is located at Kishwauketoe.

Skate Park

Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned veteran, our skate park offers hours of skateboarding and rollerblading fun. And if you are already grinding rails and doing kick flips then we can help you hone and advance your skills.

Tree Swing

Take turns swinging back and forth under the branches of the tall trees. Located near the tree house, the tree swing is fun for all ages.


Whether you are playing on one of the three outdoor basketball hoops or in the climate controlled Jackson Family Activity Center, you can enjoy hours of basketball every day.


This classic camp activity is a favorite for campers of all ages. It involves a long wooden trough lined with carpet and attempting to knock a number of billiard balls off your opponent’s end first.


Imagine foursquare but with nine squares. Then imagine combining that with volleyball and playing with a big toy rubber ball… that’s 9-square. It’s a constantly moving game that is fun for all ages.

Indoor Activities

We have plenty of activity options no matter the weather!

Arts and Crafts

Escape from the hot sun in the shade of the Arts and Crafts building. Whether you are making a bracelet for mom or a picture frame for yourself there are plenty of good times to be had up at Arts and Crafts.

Bounce Castle

Laugh, giggle, bounce and slide as you enjoy the bounce castle. Most often the bounce castle is located in an air conditioned space.

Game Room

Each guest has the opportunity to enjoy board games, foosball, air hockey and ping-pong in the game room located near the Galley in the Jackson Family Activity Center.

Open Gym

During free time you can take advantage of the Jackson Family Activity Center’s gym and shoot some hoops or play volleyball in the extremely enjoyable air conditioning.