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Alpha (Grades 10-12, Ages 15+)



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Alpha is a longer high school program centered on deep discipleship and daily service. The Alpha program is designed to help kids explore Scripture and their faith in deeper, more challenging ways.

Alpha teaches about service.

Alpha campers help make camp happen. They do this through serving the ministry of Covenant Harbor in various areas such as maintenance, food service, housekeeping, and other areas around camp. Each camper will receive a letter certifying that they have up to 50 community service hours upon completion of the program (applicable for school service hours, NHS, etc.). Service hours are based on 5 hours per day of camp (not including the first and last day). Campers will learn about the value of service through each of their work projects as they help camp run smoothly.

Alpha embraces community.

During their Alpha experience, Alphas get the opportunity to play, do all of the classic camp activities that they love, and even get to do some exclusive Alpha only activities! Because they are at camp for longer, they also get the opportunity to build deeper relationships with both each other and with our staff. The schedule of the Alpha program offers intentional time for this community to grow.

Alpha campers keep coming back.

Many Alpha campers return year after year because they love the experience, and many return later as summer staff members. This is a meaningful experience for high school students to build relationships, grow as individuals, and take ownership of their faith. Our Alpha staff work alongside campers while guiding them through intentional times of learning, relevant and applicable Bible teachings, and deep discipleship.

Alpha Schedule

Alpha is a uniquely longer summer program designed to give campers extra time at camp. Due to the changing nature of this program, each session offers a different mix of work projects, activities, Bible study, relationship building, discussion, free time, and special events. To learn more about what a typical day of camp looks like, you can read more through the button below.

Summer Camp Days


Work projects: Alpha campers will be serving in a variety of areas including (but not limited to) the kitchen, maintenance, administrative and logistic departments. Each of these areas provides significant support to the camp programs going on at Covenant Harbor as well as helping the Alpha camper get the bigger picture of camp ministry. 

Bible Teaching/Discussion: Each summer the Alpha Team uses different techniques and methods but it is always based on the same focus and ideas. The goal of these times is to present ideas and Biblical texts that will help teens grow and further develop an existing relationship with God. Through structured teaching times, organized discussion, prayer partners, and personal quiet times we hope that God can challenge campers to take the next step in their faith walk. 

Special Events: Several times throughout the program the Alpha Team will have special events and activities just for them. Whether it is a private evening of tubing or a trip into town to a coffee shop, each is designed to be fun, safe and help build relationships. 

Free Time: The nature of the Alpha program leads to less structure than our other, more traditional camp programs. This downtime allows for the Alpha Team to do what they feel is best for them. This is the Alpha campers’ opportunity to take part in activities available like swimming, arts and crafts, skate park, archery, etc. 

Activities: Alpha campers have the opportunity to experience most of Covenant Harbor’s activities during the session but usually in a different way than they may have in the past as a part of Pier 30 camps. 

Facility: During Alpha, campers will stay in the Maple Commons housing facility, comprised of several separate cabins and shared bathroom facilities. Our staff are also housed in Maple Commons and will be interacting with Alpha campers on a regular basis. 

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Age Groups

Age Groups:
Alpha sessions will be filled with campers who are entering 10th-12th grades (2024-2025 school year) and ages 15 years old and older. Due to the nature of this program, we are unable to make any exceptions to this policy.

To help, start by asking yourself a few questions about your camper.

  • Has your camper attended camp at Covenant Harbor before?
  • Does your camper want to spend much of their day serving and working in different areas of camp such as maintenance, kitchen, and housekeeping?
  • Is your camper seeking an intentional, discipleship based spiritual community?
  • Does your camper want to learn more about what it is like to serve on summer staff at Covenant Harbor?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, Alpha might be the right fit!

You know your camper best, so we encourage you to trust what you feel would be most beneficial for your camper. If you have any questions or concerns about which program is best for your camper, please give us a call at 262-248-3600.

Arrival and Departure Information

Arrival and Departure Information

For reasons of safety and security, specific information regarding arrival and departure is sent directly via email to registered campers only. Please call our office with any questions. Our staff does not assume responsibility for campers until the conclusion of check-in.

Upon arrival to check-in, our staff will greet you at your car and will guide you through our check-in process.

Late arrival or early pick-up is not recommended and should be considered only in extreme circumstances. If you must arrive late for any reason please call our office in advance so we may prepare for your arrival. Early pick-up can be arranged at check-in. We will not allow a camper to be picked up and dropped off more than once during the camp day because of the negative experience that it has on your camper and other campers. If you are looking to pick up your camper on the last day of camp, this must happen before 12pm.


A variety of routes make Covenant Harbor accessible from any surrounding area. Our address is 1724 W Main St., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. See our Map and Directions page for detailed arrival instructions.

Camper and Parent Surveys

Before your camper leaves camp or when you return home, we ask them to fill out a survey. Once they are home, we want to hear from you after you and your camper have had a chance to debrief. These surveys are important as they help us learn how to better serve campers and their families.

What to Bring

Packing List:

Campers should have a range of clothes for any weather. Clothing should allow campers to be active and work in different environments like outside, by the water, and inside the kitchen.  Include closed-toe shoes, long shorts or pants, and shirts with sleeves for work projects and activities. Water shoes are handy for swimming. 

What NOT to Bring: 

Do not bring personal sports equipment, firearms, weapons of any kind, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

*Please note that peanuts/tree-nuts or peanut/tree-nut products are not allowed.

In general, we want camp to be a cell phone free environment so campers can fully enjoy their time at camp. Camp offers a unique opportunity to connect face-to-face in relationships and shared experiences. Cell phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Campers will have one opportunity to turn in their devices (for safe-keeping in the camp safe) on the first day of camp. Any devices discovered after that point will be understood to indicate a camper’s choice not to participate fully in the program and result in serious consequences.

If an Alpha camper needs to be reached in case of emergency, the best way to reach them is through the main office and our staff will have them call back as soon as possible.  

**The above policy for misuse also pertains to smartwatches and other cellular/Wi-Fi accessible devices.

Spending Money: 

Alpha campers will want to bring money with them to camp for use at the camp store and for special events. There will be several opportunities for campers to go into town and on special off site “excursions.” The camp store sells candy, snacks, water and Gatorade ranging from $.25 to $2.00. They can also purchase camp merchandise ranging from $.25 to $45.00 from the store. 

Helpful Information

How to register:

You can view information about summer camp registration through the button below.


Summer camp availability:

You can view the most up to date availability for each week and program for summer camp 2024 through the button below. Please note that this page is updated twice a day, however, some information may be different through the online registration form.


Summer Frequently Asked Questions:

If you still have questions about Covenant Harbor, summer camp, registration or other things, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions.


Camper Health and Safety: 

If you would like to read about Covenant Harbor’s health and safety information for the summer, you can read that information below.


Contact Us:

If you cannot find the answer to your questions online, or if you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at 262-248-3600 or by email. Thank you!

"I learned that it feels really good to help others and I enjoy serving others." -Alpha Camper

"I learned that I am a natural leader." -Alpha Camper

"I learned that I am stronger than I thought." -Alpha Camper

"I learned that people will accept me for who I am." -Alpha Camper

"I learned that working together and complaining less makes the job much more enjoyable and fun." -Alpha Camper

"I learned that meeting new people might be scary but that does not make it bad." -Alpha Camper