Summer Camp Days

Every program and week is a little bit different from the next, but we hope that this page will give you and your camper some basic information on what to expect.

Schedule at Camp

Covenant Harbor’s overnight programs start Sunday afternoon and end Friday evening with the exception of partial weeks. Day Camp programs are a five-day experience Monday through Friday beginning at 9am and ending at 4:30pm with the exception of partial weeks. Every day is filled with a mix of great activities, relationship building, and Bible teaching.

Day in the Life


As campers progress through the different programs we offer, they get to experience new activities at camp. As campers get older, they have more freedom and opportunities to choose the types of activities they would like to participate in. 

All campers will experience a big game which normally takes place on the Big Field. It’s a chance to run around and accomplish a task with the entire program they are in. All overnight programs will also have a campfire one evening which includes s’mores and songs, skits, and stories led by the summer staff. In addition, free time is offered most days. This is a time when campers get to choose what they would like to try. The younger campers may have a few less options and a shorter time as they navigate these decisions on their own while older campers get more options and more time.

Outside of the activities listed above, each program has unique activities to it so that there is always something new to try. Day Camp Electives are an opportunity for campers to choose between Active, Art, Aquatics, and Athletics for a portion of their day with new activities in those categories every week for those who come more than once. Team Adventure is a rotation of activities for Pier 30 4-6 grade campers. The five rotations are boats and lawn games, high ropes, giant swing, water playground, and the big field. Pier 30 7-9 grade campers choose a skill during registration in which they will spend time learning about and doing for an hour and a half 5 days during the week. Finally, the high school programs have unique activities just for them that are different every year such as night zipping or swimming off the pontoon boat. Because the Alpha program is longer they also may have some activities off site.

While we want to have a lot of fun at camp, we recognize that it can be tiring. Each overnight program has scheduled rest time. That could be quietly working on a new friendship bracelet, reading, or even taking a quick nap.

Relationship Building

Relationships are an important part of life and community. We train our summer staff to look for opportunities to help campers build relationships with each other. In addition, each overnight cabin also has a cabin buddy which is another summer staff member who joins them for the evenings. We want to provide opportunities for each camper to be seen and known and to hear the Gospel from someone that they have gotten to know over the course of their time at camp. Older campers also get the chance to get to know campers and counselors outside of their cabin more so than the younger campers.

Bible Teaching

Sessions as well as cabin or team debriefs are where time is specifically dedicated to learning from the Bible. However, every activity and part of the day we can learn from God. Sessions include singing, a teaching time, and sometimes a skit or fun game. Cabin or team debriefs are a time when the campers can ask questions about the session or something they heard with their counselor. It’s a time to work through what they are learning as a cabin or team community. They also have an opportunity to work through it individually during TAG Time (Time Alone with God). Each camper is created uniquely and we want to provide different experiences for them as they learn about God.