Fall Fellowship Women's Retreat

Come be refreshed and encouraged in your faith together with your sisters in Christ at beautiful Covenant Harbor on the shores of Geneva Lake. Set aside this weekend and invite a friend to join you at Fall Fellowship.

September 13-15, 2024

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Women—this retreat is designed for you—it is your turn to enjoy all that Covenant Harbor has to offer!

This retreat is designed for you! It is your time to enjoy all that the Fall Fellowship team has put together, as well as what Covenant Harbor has to offer. Through joyful worship, engaging workshops and rejuvenating fellowship, women can make lasting connections with each other and with their heavenly father. This retreat is offered to all women ages 18 and older.

Theme: Coming Soon!

Speaker 2024

Speaker for 2024 coming soon!

Pricing and Registration Information 2023

Fees are per person and include meals and lodging from Friday afternoon through Sunday brunch. Friday supper is included, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. with program beginning at 8:00 p.m. Check-in begins at 5:00 p.m.

Geneva Bay Center*: $258 – Hotel style with elevator.  Each room can house 4 guests and has a private bathroom. Bedding and towels are provided.  Building is accessible. Priority placement will be for those with identified special needs. 

Twins*, Engebretson and Lower Carriage House*: $228 – Dormitory style with bunk beds and has an attached bathroom. Guests will need to bring their own bedding and towels. Some rooms in each building are accessible. 

Hilltop House: $208 – Dormitory style with bunk beds and an attached bathroom. Guests will need to bring own bedding and towels.

Guest House: $198 – Dormitory style with bunk beds and an attached bathroom. Guests will need to bring own bedding and towels. 

Maple Commons: $158 – An economical option for “Roughing it.” Dormitory style with a bath house down the path, space heaters available. Guest will need to bring their own bedding and towels. 

Commuter: $148 –  Includes all programs and meals (no lodging).

*These buildings are ADA compliant.


Registration Information

Registration Closed on Monday, September 11, 2023

All registrations will be completed online, with an initial non-refundable $50 deposit. Covenant Harbor staff will review registrations and accommodation requests. Covenant Harbor will confirm your accommodations and inform you of the balance due.

Registration is to be paid in full by August 20, 2023. Any final balance is due at that time. Refunds, less the $50 deposit, are given until September 1.

Morning Workshop Examples from 2023

Poison: What the world does to us; what we are expected to do back! Unforgiveness: How to forgive someone who clearly doesn’t like you, or doesn’t want to resolve issues with you. Michaela Austin is the South District Liaison, an avid ministry worker and leader, Autism Advocate and parent, wife, Behavioral therapist, Endometriosis & UF warrior, member of OES & PWM of my Chapter, world traveler and Humanitarian. – Michaela Austin 

What’s Your Story: The Apostle Paul says that we are living epistles, letters from Christ. There’s a story from your life’s experiences that will draw someone to Christ. This workshop will help you identify, craft, and share that story. Nilwona Nowlin is a redemptive artist, someone who believes in the transformative power of the arts to bring about God’s shalom in individuals and communities. She is a minister and the church board chair at Kingdom Covenant Church in Chicago, a hospital chaplain, and an associate editor for InterVarsity Press (IVP). – Nilwona Nowlin 

Intro to SPICES: Since January 1, 2011, ten thousand people (Boomers) have been turning 65 every day and that trend will continue through 2029!  That’s a lot of folks joining the “Boomers and Beyond” age demographic! Learn more about living lives of lasting purpose as a “Boomer and Beyond” and hear about a framework for “adding zest” to the lifelong journey. Sootie Havens is blessed to be a wife, mom, and grandma. She has served as BSF teaching Leader in Bothell, WA and Madison, WI. Currently Sootie and her husband Vance are crescendo coaches for the Central, Great Lakes and Alaska Conferences of the ECC. – Vance and Sootie Havens  

The truth about Muslims & the Middle East: Missionary: Serving amongst Muslims; How to befriend and care for our neighbors. I will be sharing my experiences and some helpful guidance to demonstrate God’s love to our friends. – Melinda Murtz 

Afternoon Workshop Examples from 2023

Hymns & History: Many of us know the background of a few composers, but many more composers came from circumstances similar to ours.  Let’s sing their music and explore their lives to see how God worked in their struggles and joys. Peggy is a musician, composer, and enjoys sharing music information.  – Peggy Peryam

Teaching Church Ladies to be Hookers: Learn 3 beginning stitches; the chain, which is the basis of all crochet; the single stitch and the double stitch.  We will begin a mug rug that you can finish after class. Ladies will be able to keep their crochet hook and the yarn, along with instruction handouts. Sherry Sansom learned to crochet from her grandmother, and has taught adults and children and many of which are still hooked today. She has been married 25 years, and attends First Covenant Church in Peoria. – Sherry Sansom

The Secret of the Scarlet Cord: Rahab: The restoration of a woman who by all accounts was outcast by her community and without hope, Rahab found redemption through the secret of a scarlet cord. Johanna Mercado is a woman of God whose passion is to walk alongside her husband in life and ministry. Together they lead a congregation in the Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago. Johanna leads a ministry called Persevering Woman of God. – Johanna Mercado 

Seeing our Sisters Through the Eyes of Jesus: In a divided and toxic world, this workshop will help us look past our differences in order to see each other through our shared humanity. Jesus tells us to love each other. How do we do that if we only see people through the lenses of the world and not through the eyes of the Messiah. Cheryl Cornelius is Co-Pastor of the Church of Gary Covenant Church. She is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist for the Justice Journey Alliance Leadership Foundation, Founder and President of Dynamic Inclusion and member of Wailing Women International Intercessory Prayer. – Cheryl Cornelius    

Spiritual Direction 2023

Available during free time (3-5pm Saturday afternoon). Spiritual Direction is a spiritual practice in which a person seeks to deepen their awareness of God’s presence and work in their life with the help of another. In these individual conversations, one is listened to deeply and what is shared is held in confidence. This can be helpful in times of transition, loss, seeking discernment and wondering where God is in the midst of one’s life or situation. 50 minute sessions will be available and facilitated by trained spiritual directors. $50 is payable with your registration.