Camper Health and Safety

Covenant Harbor takes health and safety standards very seriously. They are some of the most important parts of the summer camp experience. Additionally, our health and safety procedures permeate at all levels of camper operations, from staff training to housing and grounds preparations and upkeep, to medical staff, and camper protection policies. Operating summer camp in light of the Covid 19 pandemic requires additional levels of precautions to ensure campers and staff stay healthy while on the grounds. 

Here is how Covenant Harbor is preparing a safe and healthy camp environment for summer 2022. 


Our hiring process 

Covenant Harbor has a highly selective process for hiring summer staff. This process includes multiple interviews with our full-time staff as well as references from people who know applicants in different areas of their life. All this is to ensure a multi-faceted approach to screening each applicant and helps us hire the very best staff possible. 

Our staff training process

Great summer staff is what makes a summer at camp fantastic, and training those staff members is a part of that. All staff spends many days in training prior to the arrival of campers. Training topics include team building, small group leadership, evangelism, age characteristics, camper safety, daily role expectations, discipline, cabin group dynamics, severe weather and emergency preparedness, and more. 

Our summer staff also spends time during training focused on the mental health of kids and teens. We strive to equip our staff to come alongside campers and provide extra support for kids while at camp. 

In addition to a team of counselors, we hire support and leadership staff that specialize in specific areas of camp. This includes specialized training and certifications for lifeguards activity team members and the nursing staff. These specialized staff camper safety and experience to be maximized because counselors are more available to supervise and spend time with children while at these additional activities and locations. 

Covenant Harbor exceeds the training requirements provided by both the State of Wisconsin and the American Camping Association.

Camper Protection 

At Covenant Harbor, all staff completes a criminal background checks as a part of the rigorous hiring process. We also work with third parties (like Praesidium, Inc.) to integrate their detailed screening processes into our interviews and reference forms to ensure only the best candidates are selected. Our staff training at the beginning of summer also includes numerous sessions relating to child protection. The schedule, structure and procedures that Covenant Harbor uses every day are done to mitigate risk and protect children.

Covenant Harbor’s Accreditation 

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association). This is a rigorous process in order to be an accredited ACA camp. 

In addition, we are a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization. CCCA provides resources for current trends in camping news, and an annual conference for continued education in the camping field. 

Lastly, we are a part of the Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers, ACCCC. The Evangelical Covenant Church, the parent organization of Covenant Harbor, has different conferences located throughout the United States, many of which own their own camp like Covenant Harbor. We meet annually, have a governing board, and do a joint mission project each summer.  

Healthy Policies and Procedures 

Health Screenings

Campers and staff will complete a health screening prior to arrival at Covenant Harbor. There will be a health form to complete as a part of your online registration. This is to ensure that every person is feeling well before coming to camp. 

Increased Sanitation 

High-touch areas of Covenant Harbor’s site and facilities will be sanitized regularly throughout the days and weeks. Hand-washing and sanitizing stations will continue to be used throughout the summer. 


Similar to last summer, Covenant Harbor’s outdoor environment will be heavily utilized for as much programming as possible. 

Special Covid-19 Notes 

A suspected case at camp will result in clear and timely communication to parents or guardians, quarantining and medical care of the camper, supervised and programmed isolation of that cabin group, and close work with Covenant Harbor’s medical team. If your camper has specific symptoms, the Covenant Harbor team will work with you to arrange a plan for pick up. 

As we get closer to the start of summer camp, we will continue to communicate current health policies and procedures. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 262-248-3600 or by email.