Aqua Launch at Covenant Harbor

Technology and Summer Camp

Looking at the title “Technology and Summer Camp,” it would seem that these two couldn’t or shouldn’t exist together. And we partially agree with that sentiment; however technology, if used appropriately, can not only help... Read More

Giving To Camp Changes Lives

We hear it often:  lives are changed at camp. As camp professionals, we are privileged to observe or hear the stories of campers who make significant spiritual decisions at camp. Beyond our anecdotal evidence, a... Read More

Why Day Camp

“Why Day Camp?” It’s a question that families both in Lake Geneva, WI and the surrounding Southern Wisconsin and Chicagoland area ask us. Below is an answer from a past camper family as to why they... Read More

What Is Road Scholar

A common question that we get at Covenant Harbor is “What is Road Scholar?” That question is generally answered with a smile from our staff as we go into explaining to the potential guest what... Read More

Summer Camp Theme 2015

Summer Camp Theme 2015

We’re excited to announce our Summer Camp theme 2015 today! After much prayer and thought we have chose the theme “Life Mysterious!” The Summer Camp theme 2015 is based on the verse 1 Corinthians 2:7 (The... Read More

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