Summer Camp Develops Leaders

Summer Camp develops leaders through teamwork, as well as allowing opportunities for children to display leadership in small groups and on teams. Summer Camp is a place that is secluded and rid of distractions for periods of time. This makes it the perfect place for children to focus on their identity and creates an environment where they can succeed. At Covenant Harbor, our summer camp develops leaders through different opportunities and creates a space for children to thrive.

Summer Campers

Summer Camp Develops LeadersAt Summer Camp, children have many unique opportunities to grow as leaders. Dan Raymond, a fifth year staff member from Valley Covenant Church and previous camper at Covenant Harbor, recalls his leadership experience as a camper.

“As a camper I was really shy and quiet. As I came back year after year, I could see that I was developing leadership skills through my counselors and other staff telling me how much I’d grown and encouraging me to grow further in my time at camp. They helped bring out my leadership skills through different activities and obstacles at camp.”

Children attending camp have opportunities to display leadership through games, time in the cabin for small group discussion and devotionals, and being challenged on the high ropes course and many other activities at camp.

Summer Staff

When choosing summer staff, our applicants go through an intensive screening and application process. This is to ensure camper safety, as well as to find the best group of coachable students.

Our staff goes through two weeks of training where they live in close proximity together and partake in activities as a group. These initiatives focus on helping the group learn to work as a team and become leaders in different situations.

During training, staff have a chance to lead small groups and to both write out and practice sharing their testimony. They are also involved in community groups to help each staff member debrief their experiences each week and grow closer to one another.

Molly Moore, a fourth year staff member from River Glen Presbyterian Church and long-time camper describes how summer camp develops leaders over the years, “I started working at Covenant Harbor through the Alpha Camp and was even able to help out the Day Camp staff while I was here for Alpha Camp. I used to act by my emotions a lot and didn’t always think things through. In staff training, I learned to always take two deep breaths and then assess the situation logically, instead of letting my emotions determine my actions.”

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association) and a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization.

Blog Post by Becca Sajbel