Team Building

The value of team building is a major benefit of an Outdoor Education experience. In a team building program, activities are structured to challenge students and adults to grow in many areas, with the guidance... Read More

Camper Safety Blog

Camper Safety

Camps must strike a balance between providing a safe environment and not causing children to feel stifled in their experience.... Read More

Why Outdoor Ed

There is a great need for kids to develop skills of problem-solving, communication, and teamwork - all reasons why Outdoor Ed can be greatly beneficial.... Read More

Tips For Homesickness

Camp has put together five tips to help parents prepare their kid for the possibility of dealing with homesickness while they're at camp.... Read More

Why Summer Camp

There are thousands of summer camps across the United States and each camp provides kids the opportunity to grow personally, spiritually, and physically. READ MORE...

... Read More

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