Summer Camp Theme 2016

Today is the day! We’re excited to announce our Summer Camp theme 2016: “Throwback!”

This year’s theme comes from Psalm 66:5 (NIV), “Come and see what God has done, His awesome deeds for mankind!”Summer Camp Theme 2016

Our Youth Ministry Team shares the reasons this theme and verse were chosen. “There are many places in Scripture that lead us to look back at what God has done throughout the relationship between Him and His people. It’s our goal this summer to look back at what God has done in our lives, in campers’ lives, and in the lives of people in the Bible. It’s all to remind campers and ourselves of God’s great faithfulness that comes from his impossibly huge love for us. We’re excited to look back as a way of showing campers that they can look forward in their lives with great hope and joy about what’s to come!”

The theme will also be incorporated throughout the camp experience. “As usual, in addition to shaping the teaching, our theme will inspire many of our games and ridiculous (in a good way) activities throughout the camp week. Campers will get a chance to celebrate many of the most silly and interesting parts of the past, all while enjoying all of the classic camp activities that keep them coming back year after year (waterfront, adventure activities, cabin time, you get it…).”

We look forward to sharing the Summer Camp theme 2016 with all our campers! If you haven’t registered your teen or child for Summer Camp 2016 yet, there is still space available. We would love to serve them at camp this summer!

Blog Post by Brad Hutchison