Giving To Camp Changes Lives

We hear it often:  lives are changed at camp. As camp professionals, we are privileged to observe or hear the stories of campers who make significant spiritual decisions at camp. Beyond our anecdotal evidence, a study commissioned by the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) confirms the importance of camp ministry.

In this study, two Huntington University professors interviewed 16-20 year-old students who had decided to follow Jesus in the previous two years. When asked an open-ended question about their experience, students most often identified a Christian camp, retreat or conference as the setting where they made their decision to follow Christ.

The NNYM study supports what we find to be true, time and time again: getting away from the routines and pressures of daily living into a natural and nurturing camp environment is critical. It provides time and space for campers to experience God in a unique and powerful way, leading to both first-time decisions to follow Jesus and other significant steps in the spiritual journey.

Giving to camp changes lives and you are cultivating fertile ground for lives to be transformed. Your generosity to Covenant Harbor or any of the 800+ Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) members will pay dividends for eternity!

Blog Post by Jon Lokhorst (Development Director at Covenant Harbor)