Working at Summer Camp

Impact of Working at Summer Camp

We know that working at summer camp is so much more than a fun summer job but is a place where summer staff are transformed and prepared for life beyond camp. Our hope is that Covenant Harbor is a space where staff spend time living in Christian community, immersing themselves in their faith and that they leave the summer feeling connected with God. Summer staff grow in a multitude of ways throughout the summer.

Here are a few of the things that someone on summer staff will learn at camp.

  1. Time management: Time management is key to every role at camp. Camp runs on a tight schedule and everyone plays a part in sticking to that schedule. From counselors leading campers through the daily schedule to lifeguards making sure everyone has enough time on the water activities and boats. Summer staff play a vital role in making sure campers get to enjoy every part of the programming provided for them!
  2. Interpersonal Skills: Summer staff have the experience of living in a tight knit Christian community with other young adults who share a common faith. Summer staff spend up to 12 weeks living, working, pouring into one another and drawing near to God together. This develops skills like communication, collaborating, adapting to change, and the ability to interact with people who are and think differently than yourself. 
  3. Leadership: Summer staff supervise kids of all ages throughout the weeks. They are leading instructions at activities such as archery, arts and crafts, giant swing and big games in both small and large group contexts.  Working at camp also requires staff to strengthen decision making skills, adapt to a variety of needs and experience levels, all while managing the behavior and community within campers. 
  4. Soft Skills: A summer at camp develops and sharpens skills like adaptability, a willingness to learn, and even a heart to serve. Staff learn how to make first impressions from meeting parents on day one, to learning empathy by comforting a homesick camper at night. The flexibility needed by summer staff to meet the ever changing needs of campers is no small feat! The ability to problem solve and come up with innovative solutions is a skill that summer staff take with them and utilize long after summer camp. 
  5. Opportunity for Spiritual Formation: Faith formation is a huge element of working on summer staff. We are a Christian summer camp and Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we do. Every staff member, counselors or not, gets the opportunity to love kids, share the gospel with them and encourage their growth in Christ. This investment in serving others inevitably leads to personal spiritual growth. The spiritual growth experienced by staff members just by learning how to communicate simple Gospel truths to campers is profound and will impact the rest of the faith stories.    

There is no question that working at summer camp is fun and formative not only for kids but also  the staff. The skills staff learn at camp impact things like their work, academics and their walk with Christ far beyond the summer camp experience. Overall, we know that camp and the community of camp is powerful and love to witness our summer staff grow year after year! 

Josie Schultz

Program Coordinator