Summer Staff 2022 Applications

Summer staff applications are live! 

“Never before in my life did I think I would be driving around golf carts and pick-up trucks, raking seaweed off of beaches, or taking out endless gallons of trash. However, all of these things have not only been incredibly fun but taught me the value of service and doing the work that so often goes unnoticed to make ministry run well.” Summer 2021 Counselor 

The time has come – Applications for summer staff are now available! The mission of our summer camps is to love kids and share Jesus, and we can only do that with a team of summer staff who drive boats, lead songs, teach archery, and roast marshmallows so that kids can have a transformational experience at camp. 

Every summer, we hire many great, hardworking, caring young adults to join our team for a professional experience unlike anywhere else. There is something special about working at a summer camp – For many, it is a springboard of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The knowledge, experience, skills, and perspective gained in a few months (or even a few weeks) of working at camp can shape a person’s path for years to come.

The summer staff team spends all week eating meals together, playing together, working hard together, and just being together as a close community. In almost everything, in the best parts and the hardest parts of camp, summer staff are working closely with one common goal: To spread the love of Christ.

Yes, camp is a unique summer job experience, but it is also an invaluable work experience. The camp environment teaches so many skills that many employers in a variety of industries look for on a resume, such as leadership, communication, resilience, adaptability, planning, problem-solving, empathy and more. In addition, the close supervisory relationships created at camp allow opportunities for staff to receive future job references and request letters of recommendation from people who know them well. Camp is a real job that can help any young professional in their future career journey. 

The icing on the cake is that camp is a real job that pays! This summer we even have many opportunities for summer staff to increase their weekly pay, and some are as simple as applying early or recruiting a friend to come work at camp too.

If you are interested or you know someone who might want to work at camp this summer, check out our website through the button below for more information, opportunities and applications.

Summer Staff