Kishwauketoe Village Transformation


Nearly 40% of American Christians meet Jesus before age 13.* Children are especially receptive to the gospel message. At Covenant Harbor, we experience this in our youngest summer campers. They are eager and ripe to learn about Jesus!

The special, set-apart place on our grounds for these campers is the Kishwauketoe Village, or “Kish” for short. Here, we introduce children to Jesus, nurture young faith and teach the truths of the Bible. In this small village tucked in the woods, God writes his story on young hearts. Kish is an inspiring place!

With its unique setting, Kish allows us to care for young campers safely and in community. Quality staff and age-appropriate programs communicate God’s love for each child. Kish is a formational place that has served our campers well through the years.

Today, child protection guidelines and program changes reflect the realities and needs of a new generation of children and parents. In this new day, it is time to recreate and enhance Kish. The Village is not moving, and our summer ministry there is not changing. Where campers live, play and worship is!


Kish Village construction is underway, and we are close to fully funding the $1.8M project before the summer! Take a look a few pictures from the construction.


To best minister to our youngest overnight campers and to position Covenant Harbor for a strong future, Cabins for Campers aims to raise $2.3 million. This will transform the Kishwauketoe Village and strengthen Covenant Harbor’s endowment.


• Six new camper cabins that each includes an interior bathroom, heat and air conditioning, new loft meeting space, 12 beds and a covered porch. • New site layout for placement of camper cabins, playground, Kish entrance, campfire circle, green space, improvements to Knoll meetings space and new parking near the Knoll. • Repurposed spaces include turning the tree house into a new activity space and the current summer directors’ cabin into an outdoor pavilion, and improving the main Kish meeting space in the Knoll.


Gifts to the endowment, realized now or at a later time, mean that your support will live on in perpetuity, supporting and anchoring Covenant Harbor’s future ministry. The stronger our endowment, the more flexibility we will have in the future to navigate unexpected and rising financial challenges without losing focus on the heart of ministry – serving God and creating space for God to work in people’s lives.


• Make the program and overnight experience safer for campers and provide them with like accommodations. • Allow campers to sleep 5-15 steps from a bathroom inside their cabin. • Include six camper cabins (one is ADA accessible) that each features 665 square feet, 12 beds, interior bathrooms, new loft meeting space, heat and air conditioning, storage cubbies and a covered porch. • Add five hours of summer program time to each week long Kish experience in place of scheduled showers and increase year-round access to Kish.

Your Invitation

Please join with us as we recreate and enhance the Kishwauketoe Village and secure a strong foundation for future camping ministry at Covenant Harbor. Your gift will ensure a safe and quality program for our youngest overnight summer campers, enable Covenant Harbor to serve more campers, students and retreat guests throughout the year, and provide opportunities for life change to take place at camp in years ahead. Every life we touch creates an opportunity for God’s Spirit to work!


Cabins (4)

  • 400 square feet, nine beds
  • ~81 steps to bath house from farthest cabin

Tree House

  • 180 square feet, nine beds
  • ~133 steps to bath house

Covered Wagon

  • 144 square feet, six beds
  • ~63 steps to bath house


A refreshed Kish will afford young summer campers new opportunities for housing, programming and play. That alone is exciting! What’s even more promising is that the new Village will contain all-season beds and cabin meeting space, increasing Covenant

Harbor’s capacity to offer non-summer youth, adult and school retreat groups more year-round accommodations. Looking ahead, a newly transformed Kish will position Covenant Harbor well to advance other future facility improvements.


Covenant Harbor’s endowment was established in 2018 with a vision to provide long-term sustainability for the ministry. Over time, this new endowment will help increase accessibility to programs and retreat experiences and create income to help alleviate fee increases and the cost of maintenance. Together, a transformed Kish and the growth of the endowment are key components of Covenant Harbor’s preparation for a strong and sustainable future.


In 2018, Covenant Harbor served over 25,000 registered campers and guests. More than 15,000 of them stayed overnight. Our master facilities plan provides a guide for future ministry planning and reminds us that our buildings will always need attention, and thinking ahead is critical. One area in which we think ahead is the need to be good stewards of our bed capacity. Taking a residential building offline for repair or rebuilding likely means a loss of beds for a period of time. Leveraging the Kish project to include new beds for use during the retreat season will not only provide a substitute winterized housing when existing buildings are offline, but will also provide the capacity we need to grow our winter camps and retreat group occupancy when demand is high.


All summer overnight campers need the safest, highest quality experience we can provide. That guiding principle is at the heart of the Kish Village transformation.

For the first time, these young campers will be able to access bathrooms inside their sleeping cabins, without having to walk outside and across the Village grounds to get to the bath house. This is especially important at night or during a thunderstorm. Additionally, new meeting space in the loft of each cabin will allow cabin groups to gather with their counselor on the spur of the moment, on rainy days or before bedtime.