From A Parent

“From A Parent” is a series we have created where past families share their camp experiences at Covenant Harbor.

Why did you choose to send your children to Covenant Harbor?

From A Parent

”I grew up with Covenant Harbor. It has always been a part of our family life. We went to family camp, when we got old enough we went alone and then eventually working at camp. It’s always been a part of our life, faith and hopefully will be in our future, too! I am so blessed to be able to send my children Klara, Axel and Tait. It gives me great joy to share with them what I enjoyed so much as a kid.”

What are some highlights/stories from your experience as a camper parent or your children’s experience as campers?

 “My children were fortunate enough to go to Kishwauketoe, Pier 30, AND Family Camp. Their experiences getting to know the staff and camp over the years in different settings have really had a huge impact. I knew they were in loving, safe and FUN hands. My children have built lasting bonds, lifelong friendships, and the best memories at camp. There are too many memories and stories to share, but the image of my boys running into the arms of their counselors (and really you could insert any staff member with my kids) with biggest cheesiest grins and being scooped up and hugged and loved. It’s a feeling that they (and I) will carry with me. That single moment alone affirms my belief that Covenant Harbor is a place where God’s hand is doing mighty works, even in the smallest actions.”

Why do you want to continue sending your children to Covenant Harbor?

“I will continue to send my children to camp so they can continue to build these memories through their lives. It is a place where kids can be kids, have fun, learn to be independent thinkers, try new things, grow in their faith, learn to face challenges and fears, stretch their wings and begin to find their way to God.”

-Kristina and Klara, Axel, and Tait

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association) and a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization. We offer a variety of Summer Camp programs to provide the best experience for your child.