Camp is for Adults too!

Camp is for Adults too!

We often think of camp as a place where kids go. A place where young people play fun games, create new friends and make lasting memories! Maybe you have your own stories from summer camp when you were a kid, like the first time you and your best friend stayed up way too late stargazing. These experiences are great, but it’s also important to remember that camp is for adults too! Attending adult retreats at camp can be a great opportunity to reconnect, rest and recharge.

Here are a few benefits of attending camp as an adult.

1. Fellowship: Coming to camp is not only a time to retreat and get away but also a time to connect with others. In our everyday lives, we tend to interact with the same people day in and day out, but at camp you get to interact with a new group of people. Community is the center of camp life, and camp allows you the space and opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new people and interact in an atmosphere that you normally wouldn’t! 

A recent study suggested that for older people coming to camp was an opportunity which helped them be in a new space, with new people and in turn helped mitigate feelings of isolation (Wallroth et al., 2022). 

2. Being in a New Space: As a kid you probably remember the excitement of all the new activities, the new space and things to do at camp, the good news is that still applies to adult retreats! From being in a physical space that is more connected to nature and simply experiencing new scenery, the location of camp is a welcomed change that refreshes the body, soul, and mind.

3: Enrichment Opportunities: At camp you have access to opportunities you don’t have in your normal routine. From things like guest speakers to workshops to outdoor activities, retreats allow you to focus on topics of interest, learn about new topics or try a new activity. Retreats allow you to expand your worldview and refresh your outlook. 

Would you like to try a camp experience designed for older adults? In partnership with Crescendo Ministries, Covenant Harbor is hosting such a retreat April 9-11, 2024. The theme of the retreat is Living Lives of Lasting Purpose, and more information about this 60+ Retreat is available through the button below! 

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