Camp Impacts Personal Growth

There are many, many ways an experience at camp impacts personal growth. Madie Roos, a second-year intern, shares her story of growth experienced at camp as both a camper and on summer staff:

“Everyone should go to camp. I wasn’t a true ‘camp kid’ growing up, I only attended camp two or three times, but I always enjoyed my week at summer camp. Many years later, when I officially became a summer staffer, my love and passion for camp truly began. My camp experience has been life changing in more ways than one. Because of the way camp has shaped me, I know I will be an passionate advocate for summer camp all my life.

Time spent at camp as either a camper or as a summer staff member have tremendous benefits that will impact you for the rest of your life. Camp is great for a number of reasons (*cough summer weather cough*) but I think one of the biggest reasons is because camp challenges you and through those challenges you become a better human. There are three awesome ways that camp pushes you:

Trying new things, that sometimes scare you! In your daily life, it may be hard to find challenges that push you to grow, especially as a child, but at camp we get to try new things almost daily! Whether attending camp by yourself, getting to hold a creature in the Nature Center, climbing the ropes course for the first time, or going for a Banana Boat ride, things at camp can seem scary and overwhelming at first. This is a chance to grow in self motivation and practice overcoming small fears. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed with failure when you trying something for the first time but failing at camp is okay because you are surrounded by people who love and support you.

We exist so everyone grows in their faith. Covenant Harbor exists to bring campers, guests and staff in a deeper relationship with God. During summer camp, our campers are staff are challenged to think about God in a deeper way and experience this learning together. At camp, you might hear a new idea, see faith from a different perspective than your own and you are able ask questions in an encouraging environment.

Becoming independent. We love the community that forms at camp, especially the friendships that exist in a cabin but campers are also given lots of opportunities to make their own choices during the day. Sometimes independent thinking can be as simple as deciding what to make for arts and crafts but also extends to climbing the rock wall by yourself or making a new friend. Camp is filled with moments, big and small for everyone to make their own decisions.”

Want to experience how camp impacts personal growth in your own life or in the life of someone you know? Check out our options for Summer Camp or learn about opportunities to serve at camp on Summer Staff!

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association) and a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization.