Benefits to Working on Summer Staff

The benefits to working on summer staff are numerous and vary for each individual. It is no secret that college students often struggle with deciding how to spend their summers. From internships with Fortune 500 companies to working with small businesses, the options are endless. At Covenant Harbor, we believe that there is nothing like spending a summer working with other college students and mentoring young lives. As a result, we have developed five benefits to working on summer staff (though certainly there are more)!

Grow In Your Faith

Working at summer camp provides a great environment to grow closer to God. Through training followed by experience, each staff member learns what it looks like to be a spiritual leader, and how to love kids and share Jesus well.Small Groups at Covenant Harbor located in Wisconsin

Create Lifelong Friendships

Imagine spending a whole summer with 60+ of your closest friends. That is what summer camp is all about! Sure, there are a few awkward conversations that have to happen the first couple days, but it will not take long to see the close community that is formed. And the most amazing part is that each and every staff member is there for the same goal, to show each camper Jesus’ love.

Get Paid to be a Kid Again

Yes, there are plenty of rules and guidelines to follow as well as great responsibilities that come with taking care of campers for a week. But camp is a place that you are required to play games with campers and act like a kid alongside them. As if that isn’t rewarding enough, this is a paid gig! Despite what is commonly heard, summer camp is the perfect place to save money-especially when room and board is provided!

Impact Lives

Stop for a minute to think about one person that influenced your life in a great way. Now think about how God can use YOU to do that for a camper. Countless stories have been told about how a counselor or camp staff member has changed a life. Most campers come to camp completely out of their comfort zone, and you get to be the one to make them feel safe, to show them Jesus, impacting their lives eternally.

Get a Tan

Seriously! Days are spent at the waterfront, playing carpetball, playing sports in the field, and much more. Working at summer camp requires that you play outside, a task not often required of a “normal” job. Not to mention, Covenant Harbor is the perfect place to enjoy God’s creation with it’s beautiful property and location right on Geneva Lake.

Blog Post by Sam Ramsdell, Former Summer Staff Member