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We offer a week of camp for campers entering 10th-12th grades and recent high school graduates separate from our Alpha program. It’s called BaseCamp. This week offers campers a lot of the classic camp experience (think waterfront and rock-wall and campfires and free time…you get it) with a lot of changes and additions tailor made for high school students.

There are many things that make BaseCamp different from our other programs: the teaching and discussion, (crazy as it sounds, even though it’s a week in the summer, away from school, we find that, year after year, high schoolers are anxious to learn and discuss), unique challenges, freedom, and trust. High School camp is built around the knowledge that high schoolers are often people in the midst of great personal change. We seek to give them a week to focus on who they’re hoping to become, not just what they’re doing. They’re working to try to figure out what they believe and why, and we see this week as an opportunity to help them along in their journey. BaseCamp is a week with unique speakers and activities, chosen just for this group, just for this time in their lives.

The whole thing will be exciting, fun, and memorable (it’s camp!) but in the midst of that, our larger goal to provide an experience that strengthens, encourages, and helps these powerful young people move closer to being the people they’re uniquely made to be. Come prepared to love it here, and be challenged; to meet new people and learn more about yourself, what you’re capable of, and the one who created you.


Learn more about our age-appropriate programming in the sections below.

Discounts & Other Information

Age Groups

Note:  The grade for our camp programs is based on the upcoming (fall 2020 – spring 2021) school year. Therefore, during the summer, BaseCamp will be filled with campers who have just finished 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades.


There is only so much you can grasp from pictures and our website. A tour is a great way to see camp for yourself while you hear from our staff details of what camp is like. Please fill out this form to schedule your tour!


Bring-A-Friend – Bring a friend who has never before been to a Covenant Harbor summer camp program, and you each save $50. You must both attend the same week of camp, and you must register the same day online.

Early Registration – Save $35 when you register and pay in full by May 15 – no exceptions. You may use this discount in addition to the Bring-a-Friend discount. Please note: meeting the early registration discount does not guarantee camp availability.

Learn More About Discounts

Prior to Camp

What to Bring

Campers should have a range of clothes for any weather.  Clothing should allow campers to be active.  Include closed-toe shoes for activities and water shoes for swimming.  Modest swimsuits are required. Click to see what to bring to BaseCamp!

Spending Money

Prior to camp (recommended) and at check-in you will have the opportunity to deposit money in your camper’s spending money account. This money will allow them to purchase things during free time at our camp stores one each day without having to keep track of cash. There is candy, snacks (whole grain and fruit), soda, water and Gatorade ranging from $.25 to $2.00. They can also purchase camp merchandise ranging from $.25 to $45.00 from the store. Campers also have an opportunity to donate a portion of their spending money (between $0-$5.00) to our mission project.

BaseCamp campers may take occasional trips into town and will be able to withdraw cash from their spending money account.

What NOT to Bring

Do not bring cell phones or any pets, electronic devices (including CD players, game systems, and iPods), personal sports equipment, vehicles, firearms, weapons of any kind, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

Campers will have one opportunity to turn in their cell phones on the first night of camp.  Any cell phones discovered after that point may result in immediate dismissal from the camp program.

***Please note that peanuts/tree nuts or peanuts/tree-nut products are not allowed.

Cabin Requests

It is great to invite your friends to come to camp with you, and we want to make it possible for your camper to be in a cabin with his/her friends.  There is a spot on the registration form (Cabin-Mate Requests), where you can list the names of up to two other people your camper would like to be housed with.  Cabin mates must request one another. Due to the size of our cabins and our desire to form a healthy cabin community, we will not put more than three campers together in one cabin.  If your group is larger than three, campers will be separated in different cabins.

Arrival Information


Check-in begins at 3:00 PM on the first day of camp. For reasons of safety and security, specific information regarding arrival and departure is sent directly via email to registered campers only. Please call our office with any questions. Our staff does not assume responsibility for campers until the conclusion of the parent welcome and kickoff following check-in.

Late drop-off/early pick-up

Late arrival or early pick-up is not recommended and should be considered only in extreme circumstances.  If you must arrive late for any reason please call our office in advance so we may prepare for your arrival.  Early pick up can be arranged at check-in.  We will not allow a camper to be picked up and dropped off more than once during the camp week because of the negative impact it has on your camper and other campers.


A variety of routes make Covenant Harbor accessible from any surrounding area. Our address is 1724 W Main St.,  Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  See our Map and Directions page for detailed arrival instructions.

Camper Safety

The safety and security of your camper is our top priority at Covenant Harbor. For more information about our accreditation, please visit the  American Camp Association website.

Counselor to Camper Ratio

Our counselor to camper ratios exceeds state required mandates. Most cabins of overnight campers have a counselor to camper ratio of 1:8. Please visit our FAQ section for more information about our ratios.

Dietary Needs

A significant number of campers have unique dietary needs that can be easily accommodated.  Our main dining facility is completely nut-free, as is our primary camp store.  Please notify our registrar ( of any specific camper needs at least 3 weeks in advance so that we may fully accommodate your camper.  Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about our kitchen’s accommodations.


We strive to make our waterfront a safe place for campers. We have specially trained lifeguards that are all certified. The waterfront staff supervises all waterfront activities including swimming and boating.  Please visit our FAQ section for more information about our waterfront guidelines.

Onsite Health Care

We provide an onsite RN while campers are here during the summer.  The RN works with our student nurses and is on duty 24 hours per day.  Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about our onsite health care.

Security Policy

Covenant Harbor is private property, and all members of full time and summer staff are required to wear nametags at all times. Our staff is trained to question any adults without a name tag. Please visit our FAQ section for more information about our summer staff and training process.


This six night program starts on Sunday afternoon and ends Saturday morning. Every day is filled with a mix great activities, relationship building and Bible teaching.

Typical Day
8:15     Breakfast
Morning     AM Activities – Unique opportunities for BaseCamp campers only
    Workshops – Bible teaching & discussion on specific topics
12:00     Lunch
Afternoon     Small Groups/Quiet Time – cabin discussion or time alone
    Cabin Time – small group activities together
    Free Time  swimming, arts & crafts, carpetball, & more
5:30     Dinner
Evening     Front Lawn Hang Time – games, playground, carpetball,  etc.
    Evening Activity – big games, special events, etc.
    Evening Session  Bible teaching, worship, silly games, and more
    Late Night Activity – Movie night, concert, etc.
    Cabin Devotions
    Get ready for bed
12:00     Lights Out

BaseCamp campers experience most of Covenant Harbor’s greatest activities all day long. More information and photos of our activities can be found on our Activities page.