A Glimpse Into Summer Camp 2021

A glimpse into summer camp 2021.

The summer mission at Covenant Harbor is to love kids and share Jesus. After a summer full of ministry, here are some stories about how camp affected the lives of kids this summer. 

Almost every camper here this summer filled out a brief end-of-week evaluation to help us know how their week was and to help them debrief their experience. We were overwhelmed with the results. Many campers not only mentioned that they made new friendships here but said that those friends were the highlights of their week. 

Day Camp is a unique camp experience that is only for a few hours a day, however, many of our Day Campers come back for more than one session. 

“My daughter was so nervous on her first day headed into camp in June. She was registered for three different weeks this summer. As soon as I picked her up that first day she was beyond happy and excited about her day at camp. By the end of that first week, she was asking to come back next year! When she returned a month later for her next week, I was overjoyed by the counselors yelling her name and welcoming her back. I had not expected that and was truly grateful. The staff made her feel welcomed and gave her an amazing experience.” – Day Camp Camper Parent 

Kishwauketoe is our overnight program for the youngest campers and many are attending camp for the first time.

“My child was excited but terrified to attend overnight camp for the first time. Terrified of homesickness. Her counselor was spectacular and she made excellent friends at camp. She was only homesick her first night and her counselor was wonderful. That was the only time she was homesick! I can’t say enough about how shocked we were and how pleased we all were that my daughter made it through the week and didn’t even want it to end!”  – Kishwauketoe Camper Parent 

Pier 30 is the largest summer program we run and it includes campers from 4th grade all the way to seniors in high school!

“During the week, my son would write me about how much fun he was having and giving me details about his time spent at camp. When I picked him up, I expected him to be tired or want to be on his phone. However, he talked to me for the full two hours home about everything that happened at camp! He sang the songs that he learned, he talked to me about God and asked questions, and he even put Bible verses as his phone screen saver. That was the best car ride I’ve ever had with him.” – Pier 30 Camper Parent 

Alpha is our unique high school summer program where campers come for about two weeks and focus on discipleship and servant leadership. 

“My son really grew in his personal relationship with God and made so many new friends. In today’s world, not a lot of teens are open to sharing their personal relationship with God and as a teenage boy, I feel like it’s even harder. These two weeks my son was able to drop his guard and remember that God is an important part of his life as well as being able to enjoy the experiences with new friends.” – Alpha Campers Parent 

Additionally, over 50% of summer campers from every program said that after camp, they plan to tell a member of their family or friends about what they learned at Covenant Harbor. About 90% said that they would like to return next year to Covenant Harbor! 

Overall, campers came, played, laughed, and learned more about Jesus. The summer looked different but camp was still able to offer joy. 

End of Summer 2021 Video 

It’s impossible to sum up an entire summer into a few words and stories or even a video. However, we are excited to share with you our end-of-summer highlight video! Get a small glimpse into what camp looked like this year for all our campers and staff.

Summer Camp 2021 Highlight Video from Covenant Harbor on Vimeo.