Why Church Retreats

Why church retreats: is a common question we get from pastors and churches. Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility of going on an adventure with your entire church family? Maybe this seems outlandish, but trust us, it can be done! Covenant Harbor hosts an abundance of retreats. It is our goal to meet the needs of each group by customizing their experience. No two retreats are exactly the same. Come experience what our camp has to offer YOUR church.

Bask in God’s Creation

Camp provides the perfect atmosphere for a safe and comfortable location to enjoy the outdoors. Come explore 52 acres of land at Covenant Harbor. Whether it is a brand new location, or you have been coming annually for the past 20 years, there is always a place for prayer and meditation and seeing life in a fresh, new perspective.

Take Time Outside of Your Daily RoutineChristian Retreats in Wisconsin.

Simply getting away from the house, school, workplace, or regular hobbies might be exactly what’s needed. Enjoy a slow paced few days away from all the hustle and bustle of your normal schedule.

Participate in New Activities

Camp offers a variety of activities that can ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ just about anyone. From our high ropes course, to our giant swing, to our beautiful beaches along Geneva Lake, we can help your church guests leave our grounds with a smile.

Experience Time Within Your Community

This is an opportune time to build relationships with people from your church family with whom you have not been able to connect. Enjoy each others’ company and begin to experience a deeper relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Camp can foster the atmosphere, all you have to do is take the opportunity.

Discover New Ways to Worship

Sometimes the word ‘worship’ is confined to only one meaning. Often that meaning is music and singing. While singing songs to our Heavenly Father is a beautiful form of worship, there are still many things that define worship. But we can also worship by learning,using our gifts and abilities, painting or drawing, making things with our hands, etc. Come discover new ways to worship at camp. You may discover a desire to worship in a new way.

Blog Post by Caresse Carter