What Is Road Scholar

A common question that we get at Covenant Harbor is “What is Road Scholar?” That question is generally answered with a smile from our staff as we go into explaining to the potential guest what all Road Scholar at Covenant Harbor has to offer. Below we give you an overview and answer the lingering question, “What is Road Scholar?”

What Can I Expect on a Road Scholar Program?

Our programs are all-inclusive, which means that you pay one price up-front that covers all your classes, field trips, transportation during the program, accommodations and meals. The programs are geared towards adults. Some programs exclude a meal or two so you can try local fare. Accommodations are comfortable, meals are satisfying and classes are intellectually stimulating. You’ll have a full-time group leader with you to facilitate the itinerary so you won’t miss a thing. Lifelong friendships are made during Road Scholar programs when you bring together of group of like minded people.

Diverse Programming

Programming has evolved as well. Of course, there are the traditional, liberal arts classes, but Road Scholar also offers active programs like kayaking and hiking. There are hands-on arts programs like watercolor painting and quilting. What about taking your grandchild on a program? Yes, there are programs both in the U.S. and abroad. There are ship based programs from barges to riverboats to cruise ships. The variety is endless.

What Do You Want to Learn?

Pick a topic you’ve wanted to learn more about or a destination you’ve dreamed of visiting, and there is probably a Road Scholar program available. You can even go to Cuba with Road Scholar!

Instructors are the Heart of our Programs

There wouldn’t be any program without our instructors. Many of them come from colleges and universities in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Our featured instructor this year is Mr. Greg Athnos, Emeritus Professor of Music from North Park University in Chicago, IL. Greg has a long history of teaching for Road Scholar programs. In fact, he began teaching for Road Scholar back in 1976, which was the second year of Road Scholar, then called Elderhostel. Greg is teaching at two special programs this year May 24-28 and October 25-30. He will teach all the lectures during the program. He has a vast array of classical music and fine arts lectures that he has created over his career. If you have a love of classical music, sign up for one of his programs, they will sell out!

Our 25th Anniversary

Here at Covenant Harbor we have been partnering with Road Scholar since 1990, which makes 2015 our 25th Anniversary. Guests stay in the very comfortable Geneva Bay Center. Many guests comment that the building feels like a quaint county inn. If you haven’t been here lately, stop in and see the updates we’ve made to the common areas and the newly decorated guest rooms. Meals are prepared by Chef Deb Lampert and her staff of talented cooks and assistants. Meals are highly rated by Road Scholar guests for quality, variety and our ability to accommodate food allergies and restrictions

I’m Ready! How Do I Sign Up?

There is no membership fee to join Road Scholar, just sign up. There is also no minimum age to participate in a Road Scholar program, although they are designed for mature adults.

Blog Post by Brook Furmanek