Three Ways Campers Grow at Camp

Summer camp is a place for growth opportunities. There is life transformation that happens in a short period of time for campers. Here are just three different ways campers grow because of what they experience at summer camp.  


While at camp, kids have the opportunity to try new things. Flying through the air on the giant swing, learning how to shoot a bow, and riding on the banana boats, are just a few! At camp they are exposed to new things that push them out of their comfort zone and grow their adaptability. All while having their cabinmates and trained staff there to support and guide them! 


At camp kids gain independence. From deciding what to buy at the camp store to choosing how they want to spend their free time, kids have opportunities to make the decision on what they want in their camp experience. Each child has the ability to make decisions in an environment where they not only feel safe but where independence is encouraged!


Throughout the week at camp, we want to help campers notice the different good ways God is working in their daily lives. By not only noticing the good things but also expressing gratitude, everyone will practice simple habits that have a big impact on their long term faith. 

Campers learn different skills that not only challenge them during their week but that they take home with them too. At the end of camp, we hope that campers are changed and that the change doesn’t stop at camp but continues to grow!