Summer Camp Impact

We trust that the culmination of loving kids and sharing Jesus will result in life transformation as campers are challenged by the truth of Scripture, develop friendships and learn life skills. 

Sharing Jesus:

Faith is at the center of everything we do. We make sure that every camper hears the gospel while they are at Covenant Harbor, but beyond that, we want to make sure campers have the opportunity to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus. 

The Bible Basics: Whether campers are hearing about Jesus for the first time, taking one more step closer to Jesus, or just asking their very first question about their faith, our summer staff are excited to walk through their faith formations. Campers will have a chance to open a Bible (maybe for the first time), learn how to find and read parts of scripture, talk to God through prayer both individually and as a group, and hear the stories of the Bible presented. 

Spiritual Practices: Faith and a relationship with Jesus are about the transformation of a camp, not just a bunch of things to do or not to do. Campers and staff will continue their own personal faith formation by learning new or honing spiritual practices like daily devotions, memorizing scripture, prayer practices, serving others and discipleship. We hope that campers will learn something that they can take home and use in their real-life growing spiritual journey. 

Developing Friendships:

Relationships are at the core of a camper’s week of summer camp and we care a lot about helping kids navigate and develop positive ones. Last summer over 94% of campers mentioned that they made a new friend during their week of camp! On top of that, so many of those campers mentioned that their new friends were either the highlight of their week or the reason they want to come back next summer.

Camp is a uniquely set-apart place in the world where there is little distraction from normal life. Relationships and community can be built quickly and easily in this environment where you eat, sleep, play, and worship together. We strive to make sure that camp is a place where kids can be kids, silly, crazy, totally themselves! Along with all that, there are no electronics to get in the way! 

Learning New Skills:

Camp is a fun place to explore, laugh and play, but within everything we do, campers are learning important life skills. Our different programs each have opportunities for campers to learn independence and self-management during free times, to learn problem-solving while they are playing games with other campers, and campers learn more about communication while building friendships with their cabin mates. Our trained summer staff and counselors are here to help and guide campers through the fun and the challenges the week presents. We hope that each camper comes home with a new sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

Overall, camp is a place for life change to happen! The impact of a week of camp can hardly be measured because often, we are just one stop in a lifetime of formation! We are excited about the opportunity to serve you and your child this year!