God at Work at Covenant Harbor

As we enter the season of Advent, a time of hope, love, joy and anticipation, our team at Covenant Harbor reflects on the amazing work God has done in 2023. We look back with gratitude at the year filled with ministry and we look forward with anticipation of God’s continued faithfulness. 

Looking back with gratitude 

Throughout the different seasons this year, people have gathered together at Covenant Harbor. 

The year kicked off with the fun and joy of Winter Camp. Weekends were filled with students and leaders gathering in fellowship and worship. Many came back to camp for our annual Maple Fest. Our Moms and Daughters retreat brought together families and friends to laugh, connect and experience Christ in new ways.  We are grateful to create a space for people to come together, hear how God speaks to each of us, and connect with the larger community of Christians.  

A highlight this year was Summer Camp! It was amazing to see so many campers and staff come together and enjoy life in community. Summer was also filled with Summer Sunday Worship Service and the dedication of  the new Twins and Kishwauketoe cabins, celebrating God’s faithfulness and continued ministry.

As the leaves changed, we continued to host retreat and school groups. We also enjoyed our annual Golf for kids tournament and the return of 60+ Day. 

Looking forward with anticipation

As we look forward to a new year of ministry at camp, we are planning for continued rhythms of existing programs and retreats. We eagerly anticipate new retreat options including the 60+ Retreat in April and Family Weekend over Labor Day.  

God has blessed the ministry at Covenant Harbor in ways we cannot even comprehend, and we are thankful. As we close out the season and reflect on all He has done, we also look toward the future and what He will do in 2024.