Alumni Staff

If you have served on Summer Staff at Covenant Harbor, then most likely, you’ve been a part of the annual ‘Summer Staff Photo’ which is displayed on the wall in the lounge of the Jackson Family Activity Center. You are all more than just a ‘face on a wall’ and we want to be better connected with you throughout the year.

However, we need your help to do that!  

You have been, and still are, an important part of the Covenant Harbor story. As impactful ministry continues to take root at camp, relationship seedlings are planted, nurtured and watered during a camp experience. Incredibly talented and committed summer staff members provide witness to the work of God in their lives and share the truth and love of Jesus Christ with their campers. We want to be able to share these stories of good news with you, as your modeling of leadership, love for Jesus and one another, has integrally shaped camp through the decades. Your influence and impact will remain in the years ahead.

Prior to the smartphone and social media, contact information had a tendency to change quickly during formative years as young(er) adults. For many, since your time on Summer Staff (most commonly during college), your (maiden) names, childhood or college addresses, AOL or school email address and (landline) phone numbers are likely obsolete. Keeping in touch with you has been a challenge, or near impossible.  

Help us reconnect with you and update your basic contact information by filling out the form below. We will add you to our Anchor Newsletter mailing list as well as our electronic communications lists, and will send out specific updates throughout the year to you, our Staff Alumni.

Thanks for helping us connect with you!

Alumni Staff Contact Update