Why Summer Camp?

Why Camp Matters

Camp creates lasting experiences that are filled with fond memories, warm summer days with friends and deep conversations about faith. It is that individual experience that leaves a lasting impact that keeps the campers and their families coming back. While there are so many reasons why camp matters for life transformation, we want to name five reasons that summer camp matters! 

Faith Formation

From TAG time, bible study to community worship, faith formation is at the center of the summer camp experience. Every child who comes to camp will have the opportunity to take next steps in their faith journey. Through telling the stories of the Bible and meaningful discussion with our trained staff,  We want to guide campers into knowing God and being known by him.


In a world where in person community is becoming less and less frequent we believe in the power of being amongst peers in a temporary community. At Covenant Harbor kids have the opportunity to grow existing friendships as well as build new ones. Staff and campers alike get to belong to a group that is welcoming and nurturing no matter their background. God created us to be in community with one another and camp is no exception!


Covenant Harbor is a space where campers can experience time away from technology, and while we recognize this is no small thing we also see the benefits. While Gen z is inclined to utilize technology, 3 out of 5 teens on average recognize that they use it too frequently (2021, Barna). Being away from the distraction of technology allows campers to be present and fully experience all the activities of camp.


Whether you are taking a hike on the lake path, roasting a marshmallow over a campfire or playing a game on the big field, camp is a time to be in the Lord’s creation. Consistently we see how excited kids are to simply be outside and marvel at the world around them. Kids are also creative outdoors, and camp encourages  them to stretch their imaginations with what they see and encounter.


Lastly, camp is fun! Camp is packed with camper favorites of banana boating, the giant swing, big games like braveheart and the zipline. We have plenty of new opportunities for adventure that change and grow with your camper so kids are always trying something new.

We believe that camp is a place where faith formation, time in community and fun all meet to create lasting memories. Camp is a space where kids are changed, we hope you see why camp matters!


For more information about Covenant Harbor’s summer camps, take some time to learn about us via our website.

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association) and a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization.