Why Summer Camp?

Perhaps as you consider signing your child up for summer camp, you’ve asked yourself, “Why does summer camp matter?”

The answers are the very reason that we continue to hold summer camp at Covenant Harbor year after year. In all honesty, we could respond to this question in countless ways, but we’ve condensed it down to our top five!


The mission of our summer programs is, “Love kids. Share Jesus.” Faith is the very heartbeat of what we do. Every camper hears the gospel while they are at Covenant Harbor and has an opportunity to consider and discuss their individual next step of faith. Whether campers are hearing about Jesus for the first time, diving one step deeper into their relationship with God, or taking the chance to ask questions, our summer staff are trained and passionate about walking alongside campers as they navigate their faith journey.


We know that your child’s safety is  your top priority, and it’s absolutely ours too. We’ve prioritized the creation and execution of responsible guidelines to protect campers and mitigate risk. We work hard to uphold the requirements of our American Camping Association accreditation, and we collaborate closely with our local and state health departments to create and maintain high standards to guard campers from illness and injury. Camp is a safe place for kids to learn, grow, and have fun.


Relationships are at the core of what we do at Covenant Harbor. Our staff are specifically hired to build healthy and positive relationships with each and every camper and pour into them all week. Their job is all about caring for each individual camper. Kids also have ample opportunity to deepen existing relationships and to build new ones with other campers. We believe that people were created for community, and camp is the perfect place for it to expand and grow!


Simply put, camp is fun! After a year that has felt at times monotonous, isolating, and heavy, kids need a place to just be kids and have care-free fun. Camp is the perfect place for kids to try new things and take a step out of their comfort zone while being supported and encouraged. Whether your camper can’t wait to try out waterskiing, learn a new friendship bracelet pattern, or pick up a game of laser tag, there is something fun for everyone at Covenant Harbor!


We’ve heard it over and over – “My child came home from camp changed.” Maybe your camper will build up the courage to get up on stage, or pray out loud for the first time, or learn something from a speaker that challenges their way of thinking. Maybe they’ll share with you about a passage from the Bible that they heard afresh, a desire to live generously, or a new way they want to invest in their relationship with God. We hope that both you and your camper will notice a positive difference after summer camp. 

We believe that summer camp is an important and powerful experience in kids’ lives. We hope to see your child at Covenant Harbor this summer, and that soon you’ll be able to share your own answers to the question, “Why does summer camp matter?”

For more information about Covenant Harbor’s summer camps, take some time to learn about us via our website.

Covenant Harbor is accredited by ACA (American Camp Association) and a member of the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) organization.

Kathryn Spencer, Children’s Ministry Coordinator