Lower Carriage House

This historical building has been transformed from a stable for horses to a great space for your family who might be looking for a longer stay at Covenant Harbor.

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Lower Carriage House

Directly below the Carriage House Chapel and centrally located, this housing can accommodate up to 31 individuals. There are two rooms with five bunk beds and a bathroom, one room with four bunk beds, a queen sized bed and a bathroom, and one private room with a queen sized bed and a bunk bed with a bathroom. The Lower Carriage House has a lounge area with couches and a coffee table, and a kitchen area.

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  • 4 separate rooms each with own bathroom 
  • 2 rooms with 5 bunk beds and one bathroom 
  • 1 room with 4 bunk beds and 1 queen sized bed with bathroom 
  • 1 private room with a bunk bed and queen sized bed with bathroom 
  • Lounge area with couches and coffee table
  • Full sized fridge
  • Microwave 
  • Coffee Maker 
  • Smart TV 


Weekend Rate: $519 per night 

Weekday Rate: $499 per night 

No hidden fees or taxes will be added on. 


Extended Stays: Discounts will be added on for additional nights. 

  • 3rd night: $25 off 
  • 4th night: $50 off
  • 5th night: $100 off
  • 6th night: free 

Bring a Family Discount: If you and another family both come during the same month and rent different cabins, you each will receive $50 off your total cabin rental fees. 

Covenant Family Discount: If your family is apart of an Evangelical Covenant Church, you can receive $50 off your total cabin rental fees. 

All discounts can be combined to save even more!