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Your Country-by-Country Passport to the World

Program 20859

Is there a country you’ve always wanted to visit or re-visit, but you haven’t had the time or the right opportunity? Join us for an interactive learning adventure that will educate you much more than armchair travelogues. Each of these virtual journeys provides an array of rewards with highlights of history, heritage, literature, language, lore, music, and food – all without leaving home. Explore one, explore all!

Switzerland: More than Chocolate, Watches, and Banking: Many come to this central European country for the beautiful mountain views, fine cheeses, and, of course, yodeling. Discover more about Switzerland’s history, geography, political neutrality, cultural traditions and perhaps a chocolate or two. 2018 dates: April 8-12, October 14-18

A Journey to Ancient Egypt: Delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt with its many gods and goddesses who influenced every aspect of Egyptian life. Sort out the dynastic families of Pharoahs, decode heiroglyphics, and explore the engineering needed to create the great pyramids. 2018 dates: May 20-24, September 23-27

Learning at Lake Geneva

Program 21427

Nestled on the shore of a sparkling lake you’ll find the perfect setting for learning with gifted instructors who are passionate communicators, comfortable accommodations for reflecting on new ideas and satisfying meals shared with new friends. These programs are intellectually stimulating but easy on the body and joints; enjoy covered decks with fresh breezes or get out on the lakeside walking path for even more activity.

How to Listen to a Symphony and Notable Composers: Explore classical music from the inside out. Break down a symphony into its parts, examine theme and variation and then put it all back together. You’ll surprise yourself the next time you listen. In addition, explore the music of well-known composers. Attend a performance of “A Second Helping-The Church Basement Ladies Sequel”. 2018 dates: June 3-8

Duos – Comedy Teams, Political Couples, and Musical Partners: Learn about comedic timing from teams like Burns and Allen. Delve into the public and personal lives of presidents and first ladies like the Washingtons, Adames and Roosevelts. Explore Broadway composing teams like Rodgers and Hammerstein. Attend a performance of “The Little Mermaid”. 2018 dates: July 15-20

From Page to Stage to Screen: Explore the stories that shape our early lives with tales of brave heroes, menacing woods, and true love. Delve into folk traditions in search of the original stories collected by the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson, and discuss modern adaptations for stage and screen.  Attend a performance of “The Little Mermaid”. 2018 dates: August 5-10

The Great War – Remembering World War I: Trace the causes of the war, beyond the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, study the war of attrition played out in the trenches, explore the United States entry into the war in 1917, and finally discuss the Paris Peace and its outcomes. Additional lectures on music of the era and roles of women. Field trip to Madison to visit the Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s WWI exhibit. 2018 dates: September 9-14

Good Morning, Vietnam – History and Music of an Era: Take an in-depth look at an era that shaped an entire generation. Study the personalities and motivations of the major players such as Ho Chi Minh, Eisenhower, Johnson, and others during this escalation of the Cold War between the U.S. and Russia. Discuss the anti-war movement in the U.S. including the shooting at Kent State. In addition, look at the evolution of rock and roll as a reflection of an ever-changing society. Music became the soundtrack – at times angry, sad, hopeful, inspiring, fearful and forgiving.  Attend a performance of “Grease”. 2018 dates: September 16-21

Beyond the Limelight: Movie Stars On- and Off-Screen: Hollywood actors like Sandra Dee, Doris Day, James Dean and Marlon Brando crafted public and on-screen personas that made them famous, but what were they like when the cameras turned off? Get to know some of your favorite Hollywood stars through history both on and off the screen. Study gender roles in Hollywood and film in the 1950s, and top it all off with a live performance of “Grease.” 2018 dates: October 14-19

This Was the Year – 1959: Explore a snapshot of history and its notable events and personalities. The late fifties ushered in a new government in Cuba, Alaska and Hawaii became states, and Vietnam was making headlines. In popular culture, Barbie made her debut, the Twilight Zone set a new standard for science fiction, and tail fins were all the rage. Those 525,600 minutes add up to one memorable year. Attend a performance of “Grease”. 2018 dates: October 21-26

A Harmonious Journey of Classical Music: Join popular instructor, Greg Athnos, for a musical journey through time exploring different musical periods and well-known composers. Study the Baroque, a new musical form; take a deeper look at Handel’s masterpiece “Messiah”, you may be surprised at what you find; delve into music and art by Russians, Italians, and Americans. Attend a performance of “Elf the Musical”. 2018 dates: October 28-November 2

The World of Jane Austen and the Regency Period

Program 22358

Immerse yourself in the world of Jane Austen — her novels, her life and the Regency period in which she lived — on an instructive and imaginative learning adventure at gorgeous Lake Geneva. In Austen’s “Emma,” Miss Bates proclaims, “It is such a happiness when good people get together.” Get together with a few good people as you cast yourselves in the roles of members of the English gentry to discover or rediscover Austen’s works, and discuss their themes of gender, social hierarchy, courtship and gossip. Learn how Austen’s keen insights created enduring characters like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” and the Dashwood sisters in “Sense and Sensibility,” and partake in a variety of activities suitable for well-off ladies and gentlemen, including a lakeside promenade, lawn games, archery and evening theater.

2018 dates: June 17-22, August 26-31, September 23-28

Nestled into 52 wooded acres along the shores of Geneva Lake, the Geneva Bay Center offers the comfort of a hotel in a retreat setting.

With lodging under the same roof as your meeting and dining rooms, the program is self-contained and easily navigated.

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Easily accessible from Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison, Lake Geneva is 30 miles off of I-94, 15 miles from I-43.

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