Lake Geneva, WI


Jane Austen and the Regency Period (#22358AU)

Immerse yourself in the world of Jane Austen – her novels, her life and the Regency period in which she lived – on an instructive and imaginative learning adventure at gorgeous Lake Geneva. In Austen’s “Emma,” Miss Bates proclaims, “It is such a happiness when good people get together.” Get together with a few good people as you cast yourselves in the roles of members of the English gentry to discover or rediscover Austen’s works, and discuss their themes of gender, social hierarchy, courtship and gossip. Learn how Austen’s keen insights created enduring characters like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” and the Dashwood sisters in “Sense and Sensibility,” and partake in a variety of activities suitable for well-off ladies and gentlemen, including a lakeside promenade, lawn games, archery, and evening theater.

          2017 Dates: June 18-23, August 27-September 1, September 17-22


Lake Geneva Adventure: Hiking, Kayaking and Local Lore (#22357)

Geneva Lake’s clear water, stands of maples and evergreens and 21-mile shore path have been attracting outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. Originally a footpath used by the Potawatomi Indians, the lake’s peaceful waterfront pathway passes historic landmark homes, many built around the turn of the century as summer homes for wealthy Chicago families with household names like Wrigley, Swift and Maytag. On this active adventure, kayak and canoe or paddle board on the lake, and hike along its shores as local experts share the fascinating history of the lake and its surrounding communities and issues at play in the effort to protect the lake for future generations.

          2017 Dates: July 16-21, August 27-September 1


Your Passport to the World (#20859AU)

Each of these virtual journeys provides highlights of history, heritage, language, lore, music and food of countries around the world – all without a passport.

Italy: Live “la dolce vita” (the sweet life) while taking a closer look at Italy’s contributions in music with Rossini and Verdi; art with Michelangelo and Raphael; architecture with Brunelleschi as well as historical highlights of the Romans, the Renaissance, two world ward and Italy today.

          2017 Dates: April 2-6, October 15-19

Belgium: The European Union has its headquarters in Brussels for good reason; it is right in the middle of Western Europe. Belgium combines old and new, traditional and trendy into a modern multilingual, densely populated country known for chocolate, waffles, mussels and frites.

          2017 Dates: April 30-May 4, September 24-28


Learning at Lake Geneva (#21427AU)

Nestled on the shore of a sparkling lake you’ll find the perfect setting for learning with gifted instructors who are passionate communicators, comfortable accommodations for reflecting on new ideas and satisfying meals shared with new friends.

The Victorian Era and Charles Dickens: Study Queen Victoria’s relationship with her Prime Ministers, changes in industry, prosperity and morality. Take a closer look at the Dickens’ memorable characters and commentary on society. Attend a performance of “Great Expectations.”

          2017 Dates: April 23-28

Duos – Comedy Teams, Political Couples and Musical Partners: Learn about comedic timing. Delve into the public and personal lives of presidents and first ladies. Explore Broadway composing teams. Attend a performance of  “South Pacific.”

          2017 Dates: May 7-12

Sondheim, Sherlock, and Seurat: Discover the genius of Sondheim’s Broadway shows. Uncover clues to solve Sherlock Holmes’ most famous cases. Look closely at Seurat’s incredible use of color and light. Attend a performance of “Sweeney Todd.”

          2017 Dates: May 21-26 

Classical Music – Misfits, Geniuses and Patriots: Learn more about classical music on topics such as DaVinci, Mozart, Schubert, Smetana, Dvorak, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg, Debussy and Bartok. Attend a live music performance of “Back to the 1950s.”

          2017 Dates: June 4-9 

Exploring America During the 1950s: It was a golden age of post-war prosperity and rising consumerism. By decade’s end everyone thought an invasion was coming from communists or aliens. Attend a performance of “Back to the 1950s.”

          2017 Dates: July 16-21

Protestant Reformation: Study the events in Germany with Martin Luther and the 95 Theses. Discuss the selling of indulgences, and the break with Rome. Attend a performance of “Church Basement Ladies.”

          2017 Dates: August 13-18 

Teddy Roosevelt, John Phillip Sousa and the Horse: Explore the life of Teddy Roosevelt from Rough Rider to the Presidency and beyond. March along to the music of John Phillip Sousa. Discuss the many jobs performed by the horse. Attend a live horse show.

          2017 Dates: September 10-15

Exploring America During the 1960s: JFK and Johnson were in the White House dealing with the Cold War, Civil Rights and Vietnam while the Beatles, Motown, Laugh-In and the Smothers Brothers took care of everything else. Attend a performance of “Elvis Lives.”

          2017 Dates: October 8-13 

Classical Music – New Perspective of Familiar Favorites: Enjoy a variety of topics led by instructor Greg Athnos such as art of the Roman catacombs, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Verdi, and more. Attend a performance of “Miracle on 34th Street.”

          2017 Dates: October 29-November 3

Nestled into 52 wooded acres along the shores of Geneva Lake, the Geneva Bay Center offers the comfort of a hotel in a retreat setting.

With lodging under the same roof as your meeting and dining rooms, the program is self-contained and easily navigated.

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Easily accessible from Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison, Lake Geneva is 30 miles off of I-94, 15 miles from I-43.

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General Mitchell International (MKE) – Milwaukee, WI

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