Believe.Love.Serve. is a large group work day that happens twice a year. Learn more here.

Breakfast Club (Thursdays 9am)

This a new program that we set aside for volunteer projects.  The day will start with some of Dave Aukers fresh Carmel Rolls and some coffee.  Then get to work on the latest project.   Next you will enjoy a full lunch and wrap around 4pm.  Plenty of time to enjoy the company of others while making a hands-on difference.

Current Volunteer Projects

(updated 2/28)

– re-paint Hilltop

– Remodel Triplet Bathrooms (one is already done)

– re-do Guest House stairs

– repair and bebuild piers

– re-finish GBC Tables

Completed Volunteer Projects

– Gas Tank Pad (now in full use)


-Snake Road Storage Bench


– Guest House Shower Floor


Want to help out with projects like these?  Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Brad Augustson at 262-745-4395 or CLICK HERE.


For more than half a century Covenant Harbor has relied on the faithful efforts of people who have volunteered their time, skills, and energy to lovingly care for this important ministry. Today, volunteers are needed more than ever.

Ways to volunteer include:

Become a volunteer coordinator for your church, class, or organization
Participate in planned volunteer days or weekends
Bring your family and friends to work together on specific projects
Offer your skills as a carpenter, nurse, electrician, decorator, mechanic, gardener, plumber, etc.
Encourage your church to participate in our Adopt-a-Building program
Take on projects you can do in your own home or shop

For more information  on how you can make a difference at Covenant Harbor as a volunteer,  contact Brad Augustson at 262-745-4395 or CLICK HERE

Want to help out with these projects?  Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Brad Augustson at
262-745-4395 or CLICK HERE.