Summer 2021 Health and Safety Announcements

Covenant Harbor is committed to the health and safety of all our campers, guests and staff. These concerns are our highest priority as we continue to serve our guests.

Our Philosophy: We are building off the successes of last summer where we ran modified day camps safely and without incident. As with our approach to everything we do, we are proceeding with thoughtfulness and thoroughness in our Covid-19 protocols. 

We are doing our best to incorporate the CDC, State, Local and other guidelines into our programming. However, these guidelines are often changing, sometimes conflicting and occasionally miss the target of real-world application. As such, our Covid procedures follow the spirit of the various guidelines, but at times our procedures may differ, and even improve upon these recommendations. 

We are continually refining our practices, placing an emphasis on safety and responsibility, while at the same time recognizing that children, more than ever, need a chance to have fun and be social. 

We invite you to explore the sections below to learn more about summer 2021 health and safety guidelines.

Summer Camp

Guidelines may evolve from week to week based on guidance. However, we will inform parents and campers of the procedures for their session three weeks prior to arrival. The following are the guidelines for the summer.

Air Conditioning: Cabins will generally use open windows and fans to control the climate. A good night’s sleep is essential for healthy, happy campers, so air conditioning, where available, will be used in extreme heat or humidity to help campers sleep comfortably.

Meals: Meals will be served inside the Lodge, but dining will be outdoors except if there is rain. Meals will be buffet-style, and each camper and staff will be masked when inside the Lodge and will wash or sanitize their hands on their way in.

In case of rain, all staff and campers will eat in the Lodge but will remain masked whenever they are not seated at the table with their cabin. Cabins will eat at the same time and space as other campers in their same program.

Water Fountains: Only fountains with water bottle filling stations will be on. All hand wash sinks are also potable water. Be sure to send your camper with a refillable water bottle.

Daily Health Screenings: As part of the check-in process on the first day of camp, each camper will get a temperature and wellness check. In addition, every morning at breakfast, all campers and staff will get a temperature and wellness check by the medical team. (See below in the case of fever or certain symptoms.)

Masks: Campers and staff will wear masks when indoors with others outside of their cabin group. Any camper or staff is welcome to wear a mask when outdoors or with their cabin group if they are more comfortable.

Chapel Sessions: Pier 30 sessions will be in the big tent. Only one cohort of Pier 30 will be in session at a time. Because this is an open-air space, masks will not be required.

Kishwauketoe will be doing sessions inside the Knoll. Counselors and campers will be masked except for staff that is teaching upfront while distanced from campers.

Cohorting: Kishwaukee will function as its own cohort group. Pier 30 will function as two cohort groups with occasional overlap with outdoor worship and some activities. Day Camp will also be its own cohort. There will be very limited exposure to other cohorts.
Reduced Capacities: The overall numbers of all overnight programs are lowered. This summer’s overall camper capacity has been reduced to less than 80% of previous years. The capacities in each cabin will be one counselor for up to 7-11 campers depending on age and session.  These ratios meet or exceed county, state, and American Camping Association regulations and Covenant Harbor is retaining an excellent overall summer staff to camper ratio of 1:5 or better.

Sick Campers: Campers presenting one or more of the following symptoms will be separated under the care of the medical staff:

1) Fever of 100.6 or higher

2) Persistent cough with a fever of 100.2 or higher

3) Vomiting more than twice

4) Red spots/rash on toes (“COVID toes”)

Parents/guardians will be notified immediately and choose between picking up the camper within 24 hours or signing off on a rapid-test to be administered by the Covenant Harbor medical team. Campers may return to programming if they receive a negative test result, symptoms subside, and they are fever-free for 24 hours.

You will be notified: If an individual in your camper’s cabin or cohort is sent home or has a positive COVID-19 test result, you will receive a notification via email.

Groups Rentals and School Groups

We will work with each group to develop a customized health and safety approach that works for their retreat or school event. Our health and safety guidelines will continue to evolve as new information is released. 

We have incorporated multiple strategies which may change depending on the contexts and situations. We have developed these strategies utilizing the guidance given by health and camping professionals and other governing bodies. We ask that our group and school rentals work in concert with us, respecting the space and perspectives of others in this temporary community setting, so all may have the best experience possible. 

Here are the baseline underpinnings of our strategies for maintaining the health and safety of all: 

Hand Washing & Sanitizing: We are increasing the availability and proximity of handwash stations & hand sanitation opportunities. The basic principle here is “clean as you go” – or prior to and after transitioning to a different location or activity, each person is washing/sanitizing their hands to limit the spread of communicable viruses.

Health Screenings: We are asking that each person monitor their health, documenting and affirming they do not have any symptoms indicative of any illness that can be easily spread to others. All individuals at camp should complete either a written or verbal daily health screening.

Ventilation: The principle at work here is to be in spaces where there is good air circulation/flow, and outside is best when possible. One place you will see this more is where we are encouraging eating outdoors more often. 

Masks: Following guidance from outside authorities, we are encouraging mask-wearing where social distancing and cross-group interactions are unavoidable or difficult. The dining room, especially when up and moving about, is one area of focus. Our staff will default to wearing masks when in close proximity to guests and campers. We ask guests to consider doing the same.

Distancing and Capacities: Common sense measures will be taken to distance groups to promote safety. Fortunately, our extensive modifications in other areas mean that the guest experience is inherently safer: from staggering use of spaces to limiting capacities in spaces, to distancing tables, to moving outside, we have an eye for reducing risk. 

Schedule: We will work with you to adjust schedules (meals, activities, etc.) to best allow for maintaining the integrity of your experience while minimizing cross-group interaction. 

Cleaning and Sanitation: We have increased our vigilance and level of cleaning and sanitation, especially of higher touch and use areas. We are constantly monitoring and considering the best methods, frequency and products that fit the situation and need. 

If you are interested in learning more about a possible group or school retreat please fill out an inquiry form or contact our marketing coordinator

Our Team

Join our team! Covenant Harbor serves guests and campers year-round! We are seeking individuals with a variety of gifts to suit the array of positions that are currently open. We are also looking for a few summer staff positions! Take a look and read more about each position on our employment webpage.

If you or someone you know is interested in working at Covenant Harbor, you can start an online application here or contact us with any questions.

Covenant Harbor Fund and Covid-19 Impact

This past year was uniquely challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic with Covenant harbor experiencing more than $3 million revenue loss due to cancellations. While the camp will survive thanks to our generous supporters, our return to normal is expected to be slow. Supporting the Covenant Harbor Fund is a tremendously helpful way to not only restore programs and projects we were forced to defer but helps ensure a long-term future for Covenant Harbor.  

To donate or find more information, please see our Covenant Harbor Fund page.