Monthly Partners

Monthly Partners donate safely and conveniently to Covenant Harbor by an automatic bank transfer or credit card charge through our secure online giving service. This service enables you to spread your ministry giving throughout the year in a budget-friendly way, as well as saving you time and postage in mailing checks.

Monthly giving benefits Covenant Harbor by providing a predictable source of income to support ministry needs that are not covered by camper and guest fees, but are essential for quality ministry. Monthly Partners are automatically enrolled as Anchor Club members.

The online giving service enables you to choose the amount, frequency and date of your automatic gift, as well as whether to have the funds transferred from your bank account or credit card. There are no fees charged to you as the donor for utilizing this service and you can change or cancel your automatic giving arrangement at any time.

You will receive a receipt for each gift for tax deduction purposes, but also have the option of receiving a single statement of all of your gifts at year-end.

Feel free to email Sarah Snow, Development Director, or call 262-248-3600 if you have any questions regarding online giving arrangements.