It is with deep gratitude that we announce the successful conclusion of our Carriage House Campaign. With the generous and timely support from many friends of Covenant Harbor, the funding for and restoration and remodeling construction for a new chapel, new summer infirmary and new non-summer housing is now complete!

We invite you to enjoy this video of the Carriage House through the years!

The Carriage House Campaign’s goal was to raise $600,000 to complete the restoration and remodeling of a new chapel, new summer infirmary and new non-summer housing.

The Carriage House, an historic building positioned atop the big hill in the center of camp, is the largest remaining structure linking Covenant Harbor to its remarkable roots as the Snug Harbor estate. From the time the property was purchased in 1947, the Carriage House has served many purposes. In addition to a maintenance shop, storage facility and gymnasium, the Carriage House was most importantly, the primary gathering space for groups to experience worship. Children and youth who crammed onto the cold tile floor to sing camp songs or preview the latest installment of a silly camp skit, also heard the Gospel message during morning and evening chapel sessions. In that sacred space within the wood-paneled walls of the upper Carriage House, lives were changed as campers and guests began a walk with Jesus Christ and grew in relationship with him.

After being almost completely lost to a fire in October 2015, the Carriage House had been suddenly thrust into the spotlight. The unexpected situation provided both challenge and opportunity for Covenant Harbor. The loss of meeting space had created challenges in accommodating a growing number of summer campers and retreat groups. Prior to the fire, plans to repurpose this symbolic – yet still useful – building had been approved as part of a long-term master plan for Covenant Harbor.

Due to unanticipated financial help from insurance coverage toward fire restoration, Covenant Harbor was in a unique position to repurpose and remodel the building at a significantly reduced cost during the Carriage House Campaign.


Remodel the upper level as Covenant Harbor’s designated Chapel. God-honoring worship happens all over Covenant Harbor’s grounds, and now we have an opportunity to provide an intimate, dedicated space for year-round worship and celebration. This unique environment will cultivate the spiritual growth and faith development of our campers and guests.

Convert the lower level into a new summer infirmary and non-summer housing. Previously a poorly utilized, small meeting space, the lower level can now provide a centrally located infirmary, accessible at ground level. The new infirmary will elevate the ability of our health professionals to meet the increasing medical needs of our summer campers and parents’ expectations. During the retreat season, the space converts into winterized housing that will accommodate up to 30 retreat participants, increasing Covenant Harbor’s non-summer capacity.


The total cost of restoration and remodeling is $1.8 million. Due to the fire, insurance proceeds are expected to cover approximately 70%, or $1.2 million of the restoration costs. Amazingly, this leaves Covenant Harbor responsible for raising only 30%, or $600,000 to pay for the remodeling of the upper and lower levels of the Carriage House.

Chapel – $375,000

The new Chapel is literally and figuratively central to Covenant Harbor’s future ministry. Worship of Jesus Christ and life-giving encounters with him are at the heart of our mission. Investments to this Carriage House Campaign project will:

– Provide a designated, beautiful worship space for campers and guests

– Foster lifelong spiritual growth and discipleship training

– Allow flexible stage, seating, audio and lighting to meet the varying needs of our youth ministry program and guest groups

– Accommodate seating for up to 250 people, including new balcony seating

– Add two new ADA compliant bathrooms to the upper level

– Increase natural light with the installation of 18 new windows


Concept rendering of main entrance & balcony view. Actual colors & finishes are subject to change.

Concept rendering of main entrance & balcony view. Actual colors & finishes are subject to change.

Infirmary & Housing – $225,000

As physical and medical needs of summer campers continue to increase, Covenant Harbor requires an improved and accessible infirmary.  Demand for additional winterized housing is a direct result of our strong and growing non-summer retreat season. This floorplan was uniquely designed for efficient year-round use, meeting both current and future needs for Covenant Harbor. Investments to this Carriage House Campaign project will:

– Move the facility to a central location nearer most lodging, the big field, waterfront and dining hall

– Provide an easily accessible ground-level entrance by foot, wheelchair, golf cart, or vehicle

– Include areas for isolation, treatment and sleep

– Improve privacy protection and camper confidentiality

– Expand summer housing for student registered nurses

– Add winterized housing for up to 30 people during non-summer months

Carriage House Campaign Infirmary Floor Plan
Carriage House Housing Floor Plan