New life springs forth with an exciting project.

Bringing people together has always been the heartbeat of our ministry at Covenant Harbor. With that mission in mind, watch Executive Director Eric Anderson share details about the replacement of the 70-year-old Triplet cabins and the construction of two new lodges and outdoor gathering space. Then read on for additional details or make a gift now.

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Project Plans

Two new lodges will each have four cabins with improved layouts - two on an upper level and two on a lower level. These buildings will sit on the footprint of Triplet 1 and Triplet 3. Additional upgrades include one new ADA cabin, a flexible meeting space, improved bathroom facilities, air conditioning and sprinklers. A new large outdoor gathering area, including a patio and fire pit, will connect the buildings and sit on the (middle) footprint of Triplet 2.

Fundraising Goal

The total project cost of the two new lodges and outdoor gathering area is $2.225 million. The incredible news is that thanks to generous friends who have already come forward, only $500,000 remains to fully fund the project. That's only 22% of the project cost! Will you join us by making a gift to help us raise the remaining $500,000 needed for this exciting project? 

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Built in 1952, the Triplet cabins have served us well.

Recently, engineers informed us that the useful life of these beloved cabins has come to an end. The reality is that building and safety codes have changed over the decades. It is time to replace these cabins with ones that will serve us well, into the future. 

Additional Project Details

Part of a bigger picture

Replacing our current dining hall, which includes lodging, is the centerpiece of Covenant Harbor’s master plan. To allow us the most flexibility in planning a new dining hall, we are creating comfortable, ample accommodations in other buildings. The new Kishwauketoe cabins, completed in 2020, added some of the beds we will need. Building two new, larger lodges on the site of our current Triplets moves us even closer to readiness for a new dining hall.

Although we are far from breaking ground on a new dining hall, we are thinking far into the future of ministry here at camp. We hope that this is as exciting to you as it is to us as we look forward!

Project budget - $2,225,000

The cost of the project includes:

  • Demolition of three Triplet cabins
  • Construction of two identical two-level lodges on the footprints of Triple 1 and Triplet 3
  • A total of eight cabins with 104 beds, 14 sinks, 14 showers, 14 toilets, air conditioning, sprinklers and flexible meeting space and one new ADA cabin
  • New outdoor gathering area with a large patio and fire pit where Triplet 2 currently stands
  • New paved pathways above and below the lodges for easy access from the road on the big hill
  • New and improved landscaping

Notable features

The new buildings will be efficiently designed, leveraging topography, with walk outs on upper and lower levels.

Exterior finishes will be complementary to the Carriage House and Engebretson, the neighboring buildings.

Interior finishes will follow a similar style to the new Kish cabins with built in bunks and ladders, hardwood floors and siding on walls.

The two new buildings will be built on the site of Triplet 1 and Triplet 3.

A new terraced patio with lake views and fire ring will be built on the site of Triplet 2.

When completed, the two new lodges will replace not only the 60 current Triplet beds, but will add 44 new beds on the same footprint as the current Triplets.

Ministry impact

As we gradually return to robust ministry, God has given us a window of opportunity to launch this project. Our non-summer guest and retreat groups remain smaller, so with fewer people on site, we are uniquely positioned to take the Triplets offline with minimal disruption of our programming. We are aiming to have both new lodges online for use in summer 2023.

  • Allows for increased  staff to camper ratios
  • Increases ADA accessibility with addition of ADA cabins
  • Improves toilet, sink and shower ratios
  • Offers better design for leaders and neutral bathrooms
  • Meets and exceeds new codes
  • Provides adequate sized meeting space for those staying in building

Tentative project timeline

Fall 2021: Project launch

Spring 2022: Demolish Triplets before summer and pour foundation

Summer: Pause for summer camp

Fall: Accelerate construction

Spring 2023: Fundraising complete

Summer 2023: New buildings ready for summer camp use

Ready for campers in 2023

Pending the permit process, the new lodges should be online and ready for summer camp use in 2023.

We anticipate little to no interruptions to summer 2022 programming.

Previously completed campaigns

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